electric under floor heating

  1. SuffolkLady

    Extending shower tray over electric underfloor heating??

    Sorry, newbie here. If this should have been posted in the Electrics or Flooring section please feel free to move. The previous owners installed electric underfloor heating in our ground floor bathroom, we cannot live without it as our only other heating in our home is the log burner but the...
  2. Hammer86

    Electric underfloor heating controller - E1

    Hi all Recently moved into a new property that has electric underfloor heating in a downstairs toilet. The controller is saying E1 but can’t find out the manufacturer of the controller to see what the user guide says (seller lost the user manual!). Any ideas who makes this controller? Looks...
  3. J

    Workaround to control dry / electric underfloor heating with Hive?

    Hi I have a central heating system controlled with a 3 zone Hive active heating system. I'm about to add electric underfloor heating to the family bathroom. Hive is not really designed to control dry / electric underfloor heating but I remember reading on a forum once (can't remember where!)...
  4. A

    Electric ufh not reaching desired temperature

    Apologies in advance for the long post, hope someone can advise We've had our floor tiled a couple of weeks ago. This week we put the underfloor heating on for the first time and gradually increased the temperature by 5 degrees per day Today we set it to 27 degrees and it has taken 6 hours...
  5. M

    electric under floor heating

    hi, after years of absolutely no problems with my electric under floor heating, I've noticed it's just stopped working?. There is still power to the controller ,but an obvious problem after that in the circuit ?. can the elements embedded under my tiles just break/degrade through use? As...
  6. J

    Electric Underfloor heating

    Please can anybody help?! Iv got original wooden floor boards am i able to use electric U/F heating on top of this then insulation mats then my click in laminate wood floors boards? Or do i have to apply something ontop of my old floorboards before applying the heating? It isnt covering a big...
  7. L

    Electric underfloor heating options over suspended wooden floor 50m2!

    I am currently undergoing a house refurbishment and we are now working on the downstairs open planned kitchen/family room which is 6.6m x 7.6m. We originally considered the wet UFH however due to cost we decided not to proceed on this basis but to have radiators. I have been concerned about...