electricity meter

  1. eveares

    Is 17p per Kwh expensive for Electricity?

    I am currently paying 17p per Kwh for electricity and to me, that seems rather expensive! Is that the average for the UK these days? I am in the south east if it is any relevance. Regards: Elliott.
  2. R

    Red 100A light on the electricity meter and high pitch noise

    Two nights ago we noticed a high pitch noise coming from outside. It was quite loud that our daughter, whose room s in the loft couldn't sleep and we had to close the window in our bedroom too. I was trying to find the source of the sound but couldn't. It seems like being above our house which...
  3. eveares

    Loud bang sound when economy 7 meter switches over.

    My grandparents live a bungalow with modern central heating that has a economy 7/dual tariff meter that according to them is making a loudish bang sound when it switches over at night and in the morning. Note that they do not have any storage heaters or any other high night time loads and only...