1. Dpicker1

    Santon Premiere Plus Boiler HELP

    Hi we just moved to England and this is the boiler we have in our new apartment. A month has gone by, got our energy bill and it’s £350. Convinced we’ve got this on the wrong setting. Please help us!Image by Dpicker1 posted 11 Apr 2021 at 10:24 PM
  2. D

    Planning permission for outbuilding with utilites?

    Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me... I'm looking to build a timber framed out-building in my back garden. It seems to be ok under permitted development in terms of size and height but I also want to supply electricity to it and put a toilet in there which is the part I'm not sure about...
  3. eveares

    Is 17p per Kwh expensive for Electricity?

    I am currently paying 17p per Kwh for electricity and to me, that seems rather expensive! Is that the average for the UK these days? I am in the south east if it is any relevance. Regards: Elliott.
  4. marwilpur

    16A oven on 13A plug?

    I’m having a pair of new ovens installed during a kitchen refit and I’m a little confused about how my electrician has decided to connect them. The ovens are Neff B57CS24N0Bs and are rated at 3.45kW. They came with cables naked 16A/230V and the instruction require them to be hardwired to an...
  5. D

    Electicity meter move - what size hole in wall?

    The meter is moving from a car port to the front of the house. The gas people want a 38mm hole & duct thru the wall (the standard off-the-shelf plastic waste water pipe). WPD (electricity infrastructure) say that it's for my supplier to stipulate what size hole is required for the meter tails...