1. Dan Rowland

    Creaking engineered wood with soundproofing underlay

    Hey peopleses, I'm sorry for asking, I have Googled this loads and haven't found a good answer. I have recently installed engineered wood floor over a padded acoustic underlay. This was recommended to me by the shop (UK Flooring Direct) as I'm using it upstairs. Once installed though...
  2. D

    Decking batten pedestals - used internally, price etc

    I'm converting a car port which has a concrete base; the base isn't exactly flat, am thinking of putting engineered click over 3/4" structural ply, on batten/decking pedestals. I thought that pedestals would take the faff out of getting it level. There will be a damp course. I thought that...
  3. D

    18mm click flooring for kitchen.

    I have an upstairs galley kitchen, sadly the stud wall between it and the lounge is mid-wayish between floor joists - you should just be able to make out staggered lost-heads to the left of the door frame. Some 18mm click flooring to continue floor level from top of t&g, with maybe a recessed in...
  4. R

    What glue for joining T&G Engineered Wood Flooring

    What glue should I use for joining Tongue & Groove Engineered Wood Flooring? EWF for approx. 15mm thick and will be installed as a floating floor (installed on typical water-resistant underlay). Sub-floor is concrete and relatively flat. Thank you