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    Eurocell Logik or Eurocell Modus or Aluplast

    I’m in the process of choosing a profile system for my windows. I wanted to know which manufacturer is better in terms of quality and u value. I have some quotes for Eurocell Logik and Modus and Aluplast Ideal 70 and Aluplast 4000. I wanted to know from these profiles which is the best in...
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    Eurocell, Deeplas, Swish - still the ones for fascias, soffits etc

    Hello I've searched the forum for opinions on the best makes of upvc soffits, fascias, guttering etc but it's returning ones from years ago so thought I'd try to find more recent ones. I've come across Swish (although I can see it's had its critics), and I know that Eurocell acquired Deeplas...
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    Eurocell or Swish Upvc Windows?

    Hi I have the option of Swish or Eurocell double glazed upvc Windows installed in my cottage. I don't want tilt and turn other than where I absolutely have to. Swish can't apparently do side opening windows because the windows are too tall so they have to be bottom opening, not sure I fancy...