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    Mira BIR Fixed Shower Head Replacement

    Hi Has anyone managed to successfully source a replacement for the older Verve, Response, Logik style fixed showerheads or knows of a way of simply converting to allow a newer head to be fitted. Just had new cartridge and refurbed the bathroom - had replaced the head in the past so was...
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    Replacing Mira shower cartridge hasn't solved temperature problem

    We have a combi-fed Mira Excel shower, which has developed a temperature problem. Used to run hot, but now only runs a touch above luke warm. Here are the symptoms- Turning the temperature control on the shower fully to the left (hot) results in a brief moment of full hot water before then...
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    Veritas R8Plus House Alarm - advice required re power cuts

    Hope someone can help me, I have a Veritas Excel R8Plus alarm in the house (it was installed when the house was built about 10 years ago). I don't really use it, as there's always someone in the house. The electricity board cut the power for about 4 hours yesterday as they were doing some work...