Veritas R8Plus House Alarm - advice required re power cuts

7 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Hope someone can help me, I have a Veritas Excel R8Plus alarm in the house (it was installed when the house was built about 10 years ago). I don't really use it, as there's always someone in the house.

The electricity board cut the power for about 4 hours yesterday as they were doing some work nearby. The alarm went off, and I couldn't reset it or turn it off, none of the buttons on the digital panel were working. It sounded for about 45 minutes. In the end I took the fuse out from the panel next to the controller box in the cupboard under the stairs and the alarm stopped about 15 mins later. On the digital panel by the front door, the green 'power' light was flashing 2 times per second, but once I took the fuse out, the red 'tamper' light came on, on the panel. I thought that I had sorted it, but at 3:50am this morning the outside alarm went off for 15 minutes, and I couldn't turn it off. The bell box inside the house in our hallway didn't sound though (I assume that the fuse sorted this?). I think the internal battery in the control box needs to be replaced as it's old now, and that is the cause of the issue of not being able to turn the alarm off / the alarm going off by itself. Is that right? HOWEVER - I don't want to use the alarm and would like to disconnect the bugger. NB I've looked at the digital panel today and no lights are on, the display is blank. I assume there is another battery of some sort in the alarm box that's up on the outside of the house?

What I want to know:

How do I stop the outside alarm going off any more? I don't want to electrocute myself; I have no skills in that area. Also I don't want to climb up a ladder to mess with the outside box. One alarm company has quoted me £180 plus VAT to come and disconnect it, which seems an awful lot. Can an electrician do it, or does it need to be an alarm company?

The last thing I need is the bloody alarm going off at all hours and not being able to stop it. I really hope someone can help!
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As the fuse is out open the main box ( not keypad )disconnect internal battery .... bell may ring for 15 mins .... job done
I'm a bit scared of opening the main box tbh - will there be any live stuff in there?
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