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21 Jul 2019 at 11:06 AM
16 Feb 2011
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from Sheffield

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21 Jul 2019 at 11:06 AM
    1. Eurospike
      Hi Have a 9561 alarm which is showing 3 errors and call installer. Need to reset the errors as there was a damaged cable. The default engineer code 7890 does not work. Any help on how to reset this as no idea who has looked after the system before we moved in. Many thanks Trevor
      Hi again, just started a conversation on my PIR sensors after your last advice, thought I was direct messaging you :-)
    3. Rachel87
      Hi saw a post about a 9651 alarm it is beeping saying low battery engineer reset, the company doesn't exist anymore any chance you can help
    4. Tommyt01
      Hi, noticed you know a lot about texecom alarms and reading your posts you have done what im trying to do with yours. for zones and areas, any chance i could ask for some words of wisdom on how its done?
    5. hollinbusk
      Hi Mate, you'll likely not remember me but I sold you a texecom alarm panel that you collected from outside Royal Mail in S9 some years ago, I'm wondering if its straight forward to flash an elite 24 to current firmware ? I have removed one for an upgrade and was considering flashing to current vers instead of buying new elite 24 (to fit at home) ? Could you flash it ?
    6. Atwoody19
      Both keyfobs disarm at this point, but when the 3rd user code is entered it does nothing, and the alarm goes off. Once the alarm sounds the code stops it? The code also arms and disarms the system normally, just not when the final exit is triggered. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
    7. Atwoody19
      Hi. Enforcer V10 panel with home control +. 3 users, two with keyfobs and one with a code. The code user is also the master manager. Front door lobby area PIR set up as final exit 07. On entering, the PIR triggers the countdown timer. I have one issue:
    8. Paulie147
      Hi, i was reading a response to a thread which you were a great help. I have a quick question, if i disconnect my cable and battery from my pyronix enforcer in order to reset the whole thing, will the delta bell go off?. The screen on the control pa el has frozen for no apparent reason.

      Manynghanks for your help

    9. wi11ow
      Hi I have a C&k securitech alarm C023- I have done something to stop me entering my number . My daughter set off the walk alarm , I’ve pressed a few buttons thinking I knew what I was doing. I then googled how to disarm walk about . It’s worked . But I now put in my number and it does no register it ? How do I set my alarm ? My mrs is fuming and worried .
    10. Davidnisbet
      Hi Mark we have moved into a house and it has got intellisense 900c I believe
      It looks like this model I don't know the pin and wo wondering if you know if there is a way of resetting it would help me and my family out a lot and my parenter is worried if some one got in that's

      Kind regards David
    11. Phill.B
      Hi I have just changed the batteries in my Nans alarm after it's been turned off for a while, but I can't get any codes to set the alarm again. It's a eurosec PR5280 rev 1.0 keypad .
      <<<< unset >>>> on the display and no menu opening up after trying various combinations of codes and buttons. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Phill
    12. Deano69r
      Its a Eurosec
    13. Deano69r
      Help please pulling hair out

      Cant set alarm its coming up cant set use master

      WHAT is the MASTER CODE !!!!???
      Help Dean
    14. Dan371
      Mark, again thank you for your help. You have helped me and your instructions were top notch. All the best
    15. Madziastra
      Good morning, I have found your post from 2016 when you helped someone to default alarm code. We moved in about a year ago and Previous owners said they never used the alarm. I pressed every button yesterday to try to switch it off but unfortunately now we can’t get into garage without activating the alarm. Our alarm is Eurosec CP8L. Can you help?
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