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  • Hi I have a pyronix enforcer alarm it's been working fine last couple yrs but for the last couple of days it randomly starts setting night set or it will say kitchen pir alarm input then starts setting night set is there something I can do thx
    Hello, I've recently moved in to a house that has an c001-102 intellisense panel by the front door, I've opened it and the tamper thing is now on eternally, I have removed the 12v supply to stop the noise but was wondering if there is a code to reset the whole thing as no-one left any codes to enable me to use the alarm. I am sorry to bother you, but any help would be gratefully received. Cheers Carl
    Hi Sparky,
    I am looking for some help please. We moved into our house in September, we was given fobs for the alarm but no passcode.
    We had some work done and the work men discounted the internal alarm pad since then there is a orange light next to the warning symbol.
    If I scan the fob it says
    “ 1 problem(s)”
    Set ?
    And then if u try a code it says
    Call installer
    Intelliserve c023-203 iss1

    My sister's alarm panel has a high pitched noise and for is flashing

    Can you give any help at all as I saw your post from 2012

    Many thanks either way

    Hello Sparky Mark, Hope you can give a few moments thought to help me? We have a Scantronic 9448. No mains power on the green LED. I checked output voltage from transformer and it was zero, 240v in was OK. I fitted a replacement transformer which gives 19v into the circuit board. But the power isn't getting to the LED (or the buzzer?). All three fuses on the board are fine. Hope you can help me.
    Hi, I was wandering if you could help me? I’ve got a Pyronix Enforcer that needs a new pir connecting to it but the engineer that installed it has gone awol! I’ve seen you know how to default without the engineers code?? I’ve read all the manuals to no avail and I’m getting desperate! Thanks!
    Hi I was, wondering if you could help, me I've got a, euro sec alarm and I changed a, battery in my pr sensor in my kitchen now the alam wont set and the control panel kitchen!!!!!! Check!!!!!! Can figure it out at all any info that might help would be much appreciated
    Regards Adam
    Hi Mark,
    Hope you don’t mind me contacting but I can see from post that you have known on Scantronic 9448.

    Basically I don’t have the user code for my 9448 alarm so I’m assuming it’s still at default 1234. So I just wanted to check before I use the use guide that when I go through the procedure of changing the user code that the alarm won’t go off if user code is not the default number?
    It's the external bell that contains strobe light outside my house. Maybe called it SCB.
    Connected as follows, 12v to 12v, strobe to strobe,OV to OV, This is were I have gone wrong, Bell to Trig then tamp to bell?
    Now rectified, now wired bell/bell and tamp/trig. I am still left with a 'Tamper Fault Lock Out' message on my keypad.
    Hello, I’ve recently moved into a new house with a Eurosec alarm and previous owners forgot the code. I’ve seen you’ve helped people with this before was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me. Cheers Alex
    Hi, I see from one of your posts that you managed to default a Pyronix Enforcer? My brother in law’s alarm guy has gone awol and I need to default the alarm as none of the default codes work. Do you know if there is a way to do this?


    Hi sparky, I wonder if you could help me. I've tried everything. I've got the EuroSec Cp8l alarm and getting the error, service due. I've moved into this house and have no contact with the engineer who fit the alarm. No engineer code etc. How can I remove this error to get the alarm back to normal please. All I know is the user alarm code.


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    I have the same issue, moved in, set the alarm off now I can't stop/disarm it. Any solution for this? Will taping the sensors work short term?
    Please help- we are setting up enforcer v10 in a bungalow with one door. We do not need different zones as day/night settings the same- all alarms set. We ‘learned’ door sensor but there was message ‘mismatch 07’. What should the settings be for only entrance exit. control panel is at front door. No internal sensors. Thanks!
    You have probably programmed a setting on input 7 and this has no wireless device set to this
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