1. R

    Optima XM panel to Veritas V8

    Hi All Hoping someone can help me help a neighbors son, who decided to swap out their parents old alarm and got stuck. I’ve managed to do a drawing of what I’ve worked out, but there’s one connection point that we can’t find (guessing under floorboards or carpet). I’ve traced all circuits...
  2. S

    Texecom Veritas R8 alarm panel beeping randomly - no warning lights

    Hello, Looking for some help please! We have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm system. We recently changed the battery in the main alarm box located in our loft, after suffering the annoying battery low intermittent beeping from the alarm control panel for months, which solved this issue. We've not...
  3. S

    Veritas 8 won't set

    Hi So the alarm engineer came yesterday to service the alarm won't set. Nothing happens if i press FULL or PART, won't even work if I enter our code first. Any ideas on the forum?
  4. A

    Veritas 8

    Hi all, I had to open the veritas 8 main panel to check which battery was needed, having noticed there wasn’t any battery in the unit and is probably connected via the mains. I switched the power back on. now the unit has gone into tamper mode and always bleeping. I’ve entered my 4 digit...
  5. M

    Veritas 8 Alarm Panel Cover Removal - Help Pleasey

    Hi folks hoping someone can help with this quandary... I Moved into a house with an old Veritas alarm which seems to need a new battery, but I cant get the alarm box front panel off. It has two white plastic lug type fittings with a flat head slot. These just turn to 4 positions but none of...
  6. Z

    Veritas help please

    Hi all hope everyone is safe and sound We moved in to a new house today and it has a Veritas alarm in it. Everything I’m trying is not working so wondering if someone on here can help me. When I set the alarm zone 8 lights up solid and it won’t let me set the alarm. I have tried omitting zone...
  7. D

    Veritas 8 - Keypad and PIR issue..

    Hi, I've recently decorated my hallway.. During the process I unscrewed two PIRs (OPTEX EX-35T) from the walls - did not disconnect, just unscrewed, wiring is intact. One PIR in the hallway - on Zone 2. One PIR on the Landing - on Zone 7. I had to power down the mains (including the Alarm...
  8. R

    Can anyone explain why I had to reset my alarm?

    Hi, The issue is solved but I'm curious as to if anyone knows what the issue was, or how to fix it in future. Veritas 8C, installed by yours truly 2 years ago. I had to power off the garage for a couple of days (the alarm is solely in the garage, monitoring the garage). When I turned the...
  9. O

    External bell won't switch off

    Hi all. After some advice. I've got a veritas 8 alarm system. A couple of days ago the external bell started sounding. No activated zones on the panel and internal bell was not sounding. Exeternal bell only. Main battery was replaced last year. I thought the fault was in the bell box so...
  10. T

    Veritas 8 Walk-test problem and PIR Issue

    Hi, New user here. Father-in-law recently installed Vertias8 alarm system in house. Installation seems fine as this is replacement on an older model. However walk test seems to be giving an error. As per the guide: "The control panel has a Walk Test facility to check the operation of the...
  11. L

    Veritas 8 Alarm - Reflex PIR problem

    Hi, I have an Veritas 8 alarm system that is less than a year old, when trying to set the alarm this will not set as the panel shows PIR 4 (living room) lit up. On checking it it seems that this PIR is frozen, the red led is constantly on I have made sure that there is nothing in the path that...
  12. Kdrm00

    Veritable external sounder goes off when exiting

    Uwe have just moved into a new house with a Veritas alarm installed, developers have left no paperwork but that is another story. Looking at the keypad it appears to be straightforward Veritas keypad, no display, just zone lights. Having made sure all internal doors are closed, we enter our...
  13. M

    Veritas R8Plus House Alarm - advice required re power cuts

    Hope someone can help me, I have a Veritas Excel R8Plus alarm in the house (it was installed when the house was built about 10 years ago). I don't really use it, as there's always someone in the house. The electricity board cut the power for about 4 hours yesterday as they were doing some work...
  14. O

    Replace a Veritas 8C alarm panel like for like

    Hi guys, we're decorating at the moment and have a Veritas 8C installed and it's working as expected, it was here when we bought the house. However the plastic has yellowed and it's making a constant buzzing noise, a replacement panel on eBay us only about £45. Can I simply remove the old panel...
  15. L

    Veritas Alarm help !

    Hi I've trawled this forum trying to find an answer to this problem and i've found similar problems but not exactly this fault. We've lived at current property for about a year. It was built in 2004 with standard veritas v8 alarm system. Never had any problems until last week when the alarm...
  16. M

    Veritas Excel battery replacement?

    For about a week already my Veritas Excel alarm refuses to set and instead starts emitting series of 10 beeps. The Power and Tamper lights remain green and don't flash. Q1: Am I right that the likely cause of this is still the battery needing replacement? Q2: For Veritas R8 this seems like...
  17. L

    Alarm Issues

    Hi guys, I really need your help. Basically last night our neighbourhood was affected by a high voltage surge, after the surge our Veritas R8 started beeping constantly, then it started sounding the alarm, we managed to reset the alarm with the Engineer code then our Code, however that night we...