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  • Hi Boiler Man,

    Ive seen your posts and you seem to knwo your stuff. I am in dire need of a real expert in oil boilers, I have a Myson Velaire, maybe 20 yrs old or more, and it keeps needing a reset. Im in Colchester, and i dont know if that within your reach, but how much would you charge to come and diagnose?
    Hi,just seen your post about hounsfield boilers and as an oil boiler engineer i have never heared of them,what are they like? I only ever fit grant with the riello rdb burner.. are you the same boilerman2 in another forum i was in many years ago. Oilheatngnetwork forum? Think bob was running it a guy from scotland and john
    Cheers pal for your help on a few posts, am new to the forum but enjoy a bit of banter!

    All the best

    Hi In one of your posts you mention you are a Electrastream Agent. We have an Ariston Electrastream 125 and the file pocket has corroded. Where can I get one of these and if so what is the part number. GAH not too helpful

    Many thanks

    hello im just woundering if you could help me iv got a back boiler the heating works but iv no hot water could you give me eny ideas mate
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