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    Underfloor heating problem

    New Carpet in effected room, new underlay? it could be that the underlay and Carpet have too high a TOG rating to allow the heat to penetrate through and heat the room! you are getting a flow rate through the circuit, so I don't see what else it could be!
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    Warranty.....Where do we stand

    Love the way it's always someones fault! pooh happens and suprisingly not always caused by a previous engineer!
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    Air lock in central heating pipes re-routed up and down through the loft

    Auto air vents should always be fitted at any high point air locks will occur on sealed systems too!
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    camray 5 oil burner problem...

    What Model Camray 5 is this is a Combi per chance?? could be that the pump is stopping with the burner I've seen this a few times usually down to a failed auxillary switch in the diverter valve actuator
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    Grant combi - no hot (or cold) water

    Do your self a big favour and get a Water softener!
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    Adding inhibitor via the filling loop

    the one on the left - there is no isolation valve, only a non return valve
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    Grant combi - no hot (or cold) water

    While you had it stripped down I assume that you checked for a Cold water supply to the boiler?? there is an appliance isolating valve which is tucked under the plate heat exchanger, near the filling loop is this valve on? I have had a blockage occur in the pipe work taking hot water from the...
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    How much £ to service my much loved old boiler?

    You seem to have a very high opinion of your Wife which is commendable BUT a very low opinion of Gas Engineers, for that reason, I'm out!
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    Oil fired heating & hot water

    Sounds like a TRO III model so probaby original from 1990's - the last decent boiler trianco made!
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    How much should I be charged in labour to have a new gas valve replacement in my boiler? Just the l

    What do you charge per Calendar month for the property?? Hmmm!
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    Oil fired heating & hot water

    Could easily be the original boiler but as said get an independent inspection done (about £100) that will give you an idea of the age, condition and compliance of the system
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    Honeywell ST9400C programmer

    1. YES 2. Doesn't Matter 3. Correct
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    Honeywell ST9400C programmer

    It is not un-common for a Honeywell Programmer to fail in this way - even mine at home did this when I had to do some work elsewhere that involved switching the power off - new programmer should sort it!
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    AAV On Grant Combi 90 MK2

    I seldom have problems with Grant PRV's not seating it is a bigger problem with boilers with the valve at the bottom such as the Wallstar combi, or most gas versions! ;)