1. A

    Exhaust/Duct advice for Cooker Hood

    Hi I purchased a Candy CCE116/1X Cooker Hood and I wanted some advice on the ducting/exhaust. I read the manual that said it requires a 150mm duct, which is fine. The problem I have is the hood will go against an internal wall (see pic) and the only bit of external wall is to the far left of...
  2. B

    Air bricks on bathroom exterior wall

    I have a ducting pipe connects to an exhaust fan that goes all the way touching air bricks to let the steam out of the shower. Would I need to remove the air bricks and put a duct grill or air bricks would do the job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. G

    Boiler Flue Tip / Exhaust Vent

    Hello all, We have the boiler serviced every year under a cover plan that we've had. Boiler is great, about 15 years old and we've lived here 4.5 years and it's not let us down at all. Every year they come to service it, every year it passes, although the person servicing it seems to insist...
  4. choppachimp

    redirect an exiting flue?

    have a dated gas boiler, which heats the central heating AND hot water (works fine BTW). Unfortunately the flue exits approx. waist height, straight out into the path of my workshop door. Sending hot air (not a bad thing when its cold) and fumes (not a good thing at all!) when it kicks in early...