expansion gap

  1. S

    Plywood flooring in small en-suite - gap around edges

    I had to remove the original moisture board in my ensuite, and I’m about to replace it with good quality plywood. My question relates to whether it is necessary to leave a 10 mm gap around the small room (< 3m²)? If not, what gap is appropriate? TIA
  2. J

    Laying solid wood flooring around base of stairs

    Hi there, I'm laying a solid herringbone floor and have reached a tricky area - the base of the stairs. We are thinking about undercutting the stair stringers, newel post and riser by 6-8mm to allow for an expansion gap, so that when completed, the wood floor will look like it neatly touches...
  3. B

    Beading for unequal laminate expansion gap

    Hello all This is my first time owning a 1970s home so I've got a fair bit of DIY to do. I am guessing the previous owners fitted their own laminate flooring as there is a unequal expansion gap going from pretty much 0 to nearly 2 cm at different sides of the room. I'm looking at ways to...
  4. N

    Laminate expansion gap wooden threshold

    Hi guys n gals, Tackling some laminate, but its the first time iv come across these wooden door thresholds. The carpet has just been laid, so modifying that is a no go. What is the best way to deal with the expansion gap at this end? They are at the door between bedroom and hallway, but also...
  5. Jamini

    Expansion gaps on a sunken deck (walls on all side)

    I'm planning a deck on my patio which will be attached to the house with a ledger board and 10mm spacers. However, the patio is surrounded on all 3 other sides by a retaining wall and I'm worried if I attach the deck to the wall, when it expands in the wet weather it will bow badly as it has...
  6. MikeStout

    Bond Beam v Control Joint

    There is something I do not understand and would be grateful for clarification. The idea of a control joint is to allow a wall to move and therefore prevent it from cracking. At the same time we put rigid elements such or a bond beam that prevent movement. Do we really need control joints in...
  7. P

    Am I missing something? Joining skirting of different depth?

    Hi, In the process of renovating my house and I'd like to keep the wood flooring of the bedroom. One issue is the floor wasn't laid in the smartest way from an expansion gap perspective with gaps of differing sizes ranging from 10-25mm. Also, one wall has radiator pipes being close to the wall...