1. D

    Remove paint from exposed ceiling beam

    Well, more like exposed bottom rails of roof trusses, with plasterboard recessed between for that mock Tudor effect. An extension has added new beams which I think will look better without paint, or maybe a very light stain (new ceiling plasterwork white emulsioned). However, the original...
  2. R

    Exposed shower valve - 22mm inlets?

    Need a bit of help replacing an old leaking exposed shower valve, specifically finding something to replace it with. It's a round type of valve (old Bristan Pisa) rather than a bar-shaped valve, see attached pic. The inlet pipe centres appear to be about 155mm. I bought a new valve before...
  3. S

    Varnish or seal on stone fireplace

    I've just started to renovate my new house. We have a large fireplace which currently houses an oil burning stove, and had the idea of removing the plaster and wooden surround to expose the brick. On getting rid of the plaster we were a little surprised to find a stone fireplace under there (see...
  4. eveares

    Testing of exposed RCD.

    Just a RCD operating with the front cover removed, 20w load connected between line out and neutral in. Shot at 50 FPS using my Panasonic HDC-SD600. Also before the video, I wired a Plug to the Input of the RCD and a 20w CFL lamp to the output of the RCD, I then wired a switch in between the...