featheredge board

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    Fence height over 2m - potential options

    Hi all, I’m in a bit of a pickle with the council as I’ve had a planning enforcement letter come through about a raised deck I had installed a few years ago. I believe the deck structure itself would get a permitted development certificate due to the fact that it’s on a slope and at the grounds...
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    Featheredge cladding

    Evening, I've built a 4.5m x 2.5m shed / workshop in my garden. I've battened it and now is the best bit....cladding with 175mm featheredge. There seems to be lots of conflicting information about how much overlap and how many nails through each board. So: For 175mm featheredge (from Travis...
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    lean-to shed, garden walls

    Hello all. Please can I have your opinion(s): I'm knocking down a leaking garden shed to gain some space, and building a new lean-to shed in my garden to allow a bit more space. Try and picture this if you can: there's a 1.5m garden wall (we live in a Victorian terrace) at the end of the...