1. P


    Hi All I am planning to buy my first circular saw (hopefully nothing expensive). I have a featherboard edge fence erected that is too high on one side and I need to cut it horisontally to level all the top up. The fence is already erected. Can you tell me what circular saw you would...
  2. Smileysmile1

    Distance between fence posts

    Ok I've replaced several 9ft high posts, 4" × 4" into concrete. My gawd it nearly killed me removing the old posts. I've attached a photo of the posts set in postcrete. Now they are in the same position as the ones I removed. 2ft of the posts are buried in 12" diameter holes. I've measured 2.8m...
  3. Smileysmile1

    HELP! Post removal.

    I've fitted 2 8ft 10" posts having spent a day for each to dig out post and concrete with 12" and 18" bolster chisel. Back breaking. I've got one more post and look where it is. I had a new patio layed last year. The decking in the attached photos are my neighbours. How the hell do I get this...