1. TheStrayCat

    Plastering (bonding) over a steel lintel?

    Im a bit concerned about applying bonding directly over a steel lintel holding up an RSJ in regard to cracking... Is there a trick to it or some mesh or a product that is good for these sort of scenarios where movement between 2 different substrates? Really trying to minimize cracking in the...
  2. A

    Help with re-fitting kitchen cupboard after leak

    Hi all I had a burst pipe in the utility last year which resulted in me taking a kitchen cupboard off the wall to access the pipe. The wall was a wet and it left a big hole where the fixing was for the kitchen cupboard. There is now a big hole in the plasterboard which I now need to fill so I...
  3. A

    UFH bleed/refill

    Hi all, hoping for some help/guidance on this one. I've got a UFH system downstairs that had to have the blending valve replaced. It was a fairly bad leak so Im assuming the system will need topping up/bleeding but the plumber that replaced the valve didn't do it. Obviously google search...
  4. W

    Cover an architrave

    How would people suggest I cover up the architrave in the photo below? I dont want to see it all, I'd like a totally flush door. Any special filler or will it just crack? Thanks
  5. R

    In what order to repaint/fill this stringer

    So I have a stringer that was all cracked and had a huge smear of dirty cailk down it. I cleared the caulk off and scraped out the gap, and filled the void with expanding foam so the plasterboard isn’t flexing any more. I was going to easifill the gap and then paint the stringer, but I’m not...
  6. M

    Vaillant TURBOtec Plus - filling F.22

    My heat and hot water have stopped working at my new apartment. My boiler is showing the F.22 error and I understand that means I need to refill it with water but when I search how to do that I only find results about turning valves, which my boiler doesn't seem to have. Any help would be...
  7. R

    How do I fill this gap?

    i have a large beam that cuts through the corner of a room and there was some loose filler between the plasterboard and the beam which i raked out, now there a few large gaps down the side of the beam, almost 10mm wide that go up into the loft. Whats the best way to fill this gap?
  8. T

    Skimming/ filling over scratched and damaged coving

    Hi - I'm renovating my Victorian terrace and have some original coving I am attempting to restore. I've managed to remove the majority / all of the paint but there seems to be small scratches and dents throughout (see pictures attached). Is there any easy way I can smooth these out to get a good...
  9. adamthriver

    Filling a Large Hole in the garden

    Hi everyone, We inherited a very large and deep hole in the garden. It is about 15 meters x 15 meters and about 1.5 meter deep. It was probably dug out with the intention of creating a large pond but just left there. We would like to fill it up so the final thing is a levelled garden, but would...
  10. L

    Hairline cracks in old plaster

    Recently moved into a 1930s home and started prepping the bedroom for decorating last week. After removing an old fitted wardrobe, we were left with a half painted wall edged in silicone. On removing the silicone, sections of the paint came with it, so we decided to strip it entirely. The old...
  11. R

    Filling an inspection pit

    I've demolished our old garage which has an inspection pit. The bottom is below the water line and in wet weather a pool of water forms. I want to fill it with the blocks from the garage and then pour cement to the top six inches so it's level with the floor. I have three questions: 1) Do I...
  12. BillyWillySilly

    Water hammer / noise on hot water system fill

    I previously posted that I thought I was getting water hammer when the header tank in the loft was being filled. I suggested I replaced the float in the tank but the problem did not go away. A plumber suggested that I install a shock arrestor which I did to the pipe which feeds the tank...
  13. theandroids

    UPVC Trim was hideous. What to do now?

    Good afternoon all, I removed the horrid upvc trim from around my windows to reveal these beautiful gaps.... I was going to install thinner wood trim as the trim that was put there was excessive, but I would prefer to have a flat surface rather that trim at all. Is it possible to fill with...
  14. G

    Stain on joining wall just below porch roof

    Water appears to be getting into our house causing a stain on the joining wall of our semi detached house. The wall is never wet or damp to the touch, but the stain has been gradually working it's way down the wall becoming more noticeable. Inside - you'll see the stain on the joining property...
  15. P

    How to prepare walls with missing paint spots

    We had painted our walls with valspar sheen paint and looking to re paint. There are a couple of areas that if you want can pick at the paint edge and peel chunks off. There are areas about 12icnhs where this has happened. However if we sand back the edge it still showing through the paint...
  16. V

    Filling in an old power socket before plastering?

    Hello I have a hole in the wall from an old power socket which I would like to fill in and then skim with plaster. What's the best way to fill the hole which gives the plaster layer something good to adhere to? Thanks for your advice
  17. M

    Small Patch of wall plaster cracking/pushing out

    Hi! I have had a little patch, about the size of a large coin on my exterior kitchen wall, then keeps pushing outwards/cracking/splitting. If I repair it with filler, it’s fine for about a month, then gradually happens again. Any ideas? Photos attached.
  18. M

    Best method to filling coving gaps please help thanks.

    Hi Guys, Could anyone please assist me on the best method for filling in gaps between coving corners. Sadly, my plasterer could not level the walls or ceilings in my home when re-plastering the home. The condition of the walls and ceiling were much worse and out of level by far, though, things...
  19. T

    Garden slope and solution (duplicate)

    Hi my garden (Manchester) has slope and there is no where to play for the kids. So I decided to sort it out. I am building a wall (not the trump wall!) and this would allow me to have garden at two different levels. I will fill one side of the wall with something (any advice welcome). It has...
  20. K

    Miele washing machine draining while filling

    My mum has a Miele Novotronic Premiere Plus, purchased around 1997. Recently, it started to leak during cycles, but was still able to wash clothes. We pulled it out to have a look at the pump (where problems have arisen previously) and now it is leaking far worse. Currently, as soon as we...