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    MDF types - Melamine, "Velvet", "Finsa 12Twenty". What's the difference?

    Dear DIYNot forum members, I'm in the market for some MDF and, depending on the supplier, I keep bumping into different finish options: standard melamine, "Velvet", "Finsa 12Twenty". For example: The descriptions on the vendors' websites look like something generated by ChatGPT AI and I can't...
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    Beamed Ceiling

    Hi everyone. We are looking to buy a new-build house that has beamed ceilings in many of the rooms. The beams are softwood, pine I guess. I don't think they are structural. We have the choice as have them painted or not. I assume that unpainted means no finish at all, just bare wood. They look...
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    Plastering existing wall, ceiling questions and doubts HELP!

    I found out that the ceilings on my first floor were renovated but the laths were kept and pins were used instead of screws. My first question. Is it worth to remove the old plasterboard attached to lath and replace with a fresh one and maybe just tape and joint or new plaster? Why the lats...
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    A few questions about primer?

    Hi, I'm thinking about spray painting some items. I've heard of people just using primer. What is the finish of primer like in comparison to the standard finishes, eg. gloss and matt? I obviously know that gloss is shiny and matt is dull, but i have no idea what primer is like. Can primer be...