fire place

  1. D

    Asbestos in plaster

    Hi all, Currently renovating 1930s house and started removing some plaster from a bricked up fire place to open in back up. Part way up the plaster changes from what looks like normal multi-finish to what looks like multi-finish with asbestos within it? Was asbestos ever used in wet plaster...
  2. Jbcory74

    Wood burner and heat activated fan

    Hi all! We have a wood burner in our living room which emits heat but only to the surrounding areas now the entire room- well not for ages anyway! Do you know if a placing a fan in front of the fire will help? I know they should go on top but I don’t have space on top to place one. Any...
  3. E

    How do I remove a resin fire surround?

    Just moved into a new house with a gas fire. The stone on the fire place seems decent but the fire surround is a really cheap looking stone effect resin we think. Does anyone know what our chances are of removing it ourselves without destroying the wall or stone behind? Added pics to help...
  4. D

    Ventilation query fora sealed / Bricked up Fireplace

    Hi guys. New user....hope you can point me in the right direction. One of my rooms on the ground floor (of terraced house) has a bricked up fireplace but the chimney was not capped. I had that done a few years after moving in as paint work started flaking on one of the chimney's adjacent...
  5. GoodOne

    Potentail Fire Place Set Up

    Hi, I just got a house and the fire place was covered with wooden boards. After opening it I found there is some kind of metal plate behind it, as shown in the link ( I would like to set up a fire place. I need advise if...