floor screed

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    New wet room renovation,** duplicate 3 **

    In what order would you create a wet room? Renovation. I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer...
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    Laying Polyflor - advice please

    Hi all, I inherited some Polyflor from a relative who had it leftover, so going to stick in my porch (concrete floor which I've just PVA'd). I spoke to a friend who's a builder and he said next step was to use self-leveller and then the adhesive floor layers use. However, I've put a spirit...
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    Couldn't float new floor screed - mix ok ? - help please

    Hi all, I ordered 4t of readymixed floor screed from a company yesterday in order to raise my garage floor by circa 75mm. The mix looked quite dry but the driver managed to make a ball and said it was ok. I laid the screed but I couldn't float it flat as it seemed too dry. I compacted and made...
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    Plugging hole before screeding floor

    Hi all, I am preparing to screed my concrete subfloor, having pulled out the old one which was uneven and full of redundant pipework. I am the top-floor flat and there is a riser for the soil pipe, mains water feed etc running inside the flats. There is a gap between the structural concrete...