floor varnish

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    Finishing Oak Planks

    Hi (again) All Continuing the ongoing summerhouse saga, we are now into the final stages. The oak plank flooring is fitted, and next week I will be sanding them down ready for finishing. These are solid oak planks. The walls will be clad in unfinished pine T&G ( may well be washed or painted at...
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    Matching the right varnish after damage

    Hi all, Took on a DIY project and while it was going on decided to protect the wood flooring with this self adhesive film: It was all going well until the time came to remove the film. Sadly as it was being removed it took some of the varnish with it from the flooring :( I bought some...
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    Regular varnish on a painted floor?

    So I'm painting our awful floorboards with some chalk paint, and want to varnish over the top for a satin finish. Can I use any varnish (like Ronseal satin) over the top or does it absolutely have to be the floor varnish - which costs 4 times as much! The regular varnish has directions which say...