1. L

    Polystyrene wall

    Hi all we have this wall in our house which seems to be covered in a polystyrene foam. Any idea why it would have been added? Seems to have been picked apart for some time and seems very easy to remove, but no signs of damp so wonder why it would have been added?! Insulation or to cover...
  2. Grahamandcharlie

    Insulating under floor with spray foam.

    Hi I took my carpet up and I am in the process of sending my floor boards but the room is noticeably colder. There is a draft coming up through the floor boards and I have a decent sized crawl space to put some kind of insulation under there. I was thinking easiest would de just get under there...
  3. K

    100mm insulation equivalent

    im finding reclaimed 1.2 m x 2.4 m x 100mm insulation boards online for £29. it's too expensive. Does anyone know a supplier or an equivalent technology to kingspan that is less. Has anyone tried blowing their own closed cell (waterproof) foam and do you know where I could get it. still...
  4. C

    Garden water pipe elbow - how to insulate

    Hi I’ve got an outside tap with blue mdpe pipe. 2 questions 1)I’d like to insulate it - guessing with the standard grey foam tubes. do I insulate the wider elbow connections and how/what with? 2) What’s the best way to paint the insulation so it blends in on the render wall. Thanks in advance.
  5. R

    Injectable Foam Insulation for flat roof celling

    Hi I am looking to get some injectable foam insulation for a flat roof celling that has some spaces in the existing insulation. I am aware that you can buy big kits that you might use to fill up large spaces like a wall or something. However I just need a small amount for some gaps in the...
  6. A

    Cavity insulation questions

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for a great forum. Our home is a medium to large 1930's/40's semi-detached, made of bottom-half stone and top-half pebble. I'm not sure if this might be important info, but our home elevation is approx 675ft above sea level, although it is on a long flat road...