french drain

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    Bay Window Footing/Foundation

    Hello! Following increased readings of moisture on the internal side of the bay wall, a damp specialist has flagged raised ground levels on the exterior and recommended that the bricks at the base of the bay window are exposed and a french drain / gravel is installed around to protect the...
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    Mould / damp humidity issue.

    So I have a black mould stop at the top corner of my house. I believe it's a cold wall and we have high humidity causing it. It is always around 80 this time of year. Before looking at PIV systems which will take time to research I thought I would look at a possible cause. On one of the same...
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    Garden drainage - soakaway solution?

    Currently landscaping our garden (10m x 8m) and want to deal with drainage issues. Garden is boggy in rain and drainage is generally poor. It also slopes down about 4 inches from left to right. We have a patio at the end of the garden going across most of the width. As you look at it, the...
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    French Drain - Soakaway Crate - Clay Soil

    Good morning, I recently had my garden leveled from quite a steep slope that previously had water streaming towards the house. The problem is we have a retaining wall that encloses the garden on 3 sides, with the house and garden path being on the 4th and a layer of clay soil on top. A lovely...
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    Water Sloping Into Victorian Property?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a mid terrace house built in 1907 which has been vacant for half a year or more. It has cement render to the back (unfortunately). To the rear of the property, the kitchen floor (half suspended wooden floor, half concrete) has rotten joists all along where the...