galvanised steel

  1. D

    Primer for galvanised steel window and putty?

    Would appreciate advice on choice of suitable primer... I painted a Crittalls window (i.e. zinc galvanised steel) last year using this Rustins water-based paint as a primer: But I didn't like the...
  2. eveares

    Flexible Galvanised Conduit Outside?

    I need to run some external grade Cat5e cable (that I already have) up my garden to my shed, however I need to protect it from being destroyed by Foxes and other wildlife. I am considering running it in 20mm flexible galvanised conduit, and am wondering if the galvanised conduit will stand up...
  3. M

    Rusty galvanised metal sheeting, how to treat and paint

    I've some kind of fascia boards fitted to a shed that previous owner had made, glav sheet with a bend, as the gutter had been leaking for ages, there are rust stains in quite a few places. I would like to have a blast at painting them, now I've fixed the guttering. What would be the best way...
  4. B

    Old plumbing (galvanised steel?) flow question

    The rising main in my downstairs bathroom looks like galvanised steel- 27mm by my measurements, which eventually joins to 15mm copper in the kitchen. I'm looking to tee off somewhere to feed an unvented cylinder, so need the best flow rate possible. My question is, would the flow rate be better...
  5. D

    Painting galvanised steel - paint compatibility

    Would appreciate guidance on an issue of paint compatibility... I'm refurbishing old Crittall windows (galvanised steel frames). I intend to paint the frames with Rustins 'quick dry' metal paint, white: