1. eveares

    Flexible Galvanised Conduit Outside?

    I need to run some external grade Cat5e cable (that I already have) up my garden to my shed, however I need to protect it from being destroyed by Foxes and other wildlife. I am considering running it in 20mm flexible galvanised conduit, and am wondering if the galvanised conduit will stand up...
  2. D

    Electric heated tower rad, fused spur outside zone 2 etc

    Bathroom being replaced/rearranged. Washing machine going in bathroom corner via new spur in hall, with upward sloping hole up to new spur backbox. Is it ok to Wago a junction in a 16mm blanked off galvanised backbox, to run a switched fused suppy for the towel rad off to the left (1000 height...
  3. M

    Painting galvanized metal roof

    Hi all I have a large garage roofed with corrugated galvanized metal sheets with four plastic corrugated roof lights. As some of the metal sheets were showing rust, I had it painted about four years ago. Following a power wash the painter used a coat of ZINNSER 1-2-3 primer followed by two...
  4. T

    painting over plasterboard, what to do around anglebeads?

    Hi all, thought Iit was going to be a real simple job, but the more I start reading about it, the more complex it is becoming! What we need to do is nice and simple (or should be), dry lining the reveals (sides) of a new patio door we have installed. Right now it is bare (and broken) bricks...
  5. P

    Can I use caulk on a metal garage door?

    Hi, I a re-painting a Henderson galvanised garage door from the mid 80s. The paint was generally pretty loose, so after 12 hours scraping and a few spots of Nitromorse, it's basically completely bare and rust free. Where the main metal sheet meets the vertical end pieces, there is some gaps...
  6. D

    Expanded mesh on internal wall

    I have a wall that is breeze but has thermalites built onto the end, what mesh (am assuming galv) arrangement might be necessary at the transition between the two to prevent cracking? Do I need special fixings for mesh? Thank you.