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    Exposed copper pipe for garden tap

    Hi, I have about 2m of exposed copper pipe on the outside of the house leading to a standard garden tap. I have an isolator valve on the inside of the house so I can drain the pipe in the winter. However , this is not fool -proof as I got caught out by a frost when the pipe was full of water...
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    Advice on stopcock replacement & garden tap

    I was hoping to get some general advice for some work I'm planning to have done. I'd like to have a good plan of what I want before I start getting quotes. I want to replace the bathroom suite soon. The bathroom is directly above the kitchen and the pipes go from under the kitchen sink and up...
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    any 22mm garden tap?

    Our water mains are in 22mm and if I wanted I could easily take a 22mm pipe through the wall to connect it to our garden tap (yet to be installed). I have done some due diligence and cannot find any garden tap which accepts a 22mm pipe, with a 22mm backplate and a 22mm non-return valve. Am I...
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    Garden Tap Repair Without Welding?

    Hi Everyone! I am a newbie to this site so here goes! I have a garden Tap which is fixed outside onto the external wall of my conservatory. My late Dad, God bless him, first put it there way back in the mid eighties. The tap is fed by a longish length of copper pipe (about half an inch in...