1. R

    Flooded area in patio

    Hello, New slabs and patio was installed last year. It has been OK until this summer where it seems that some slabs have sinked creating a small area of the patio (below the table, in the pics) that now gets flooded when there is medium rain (very often where we are!). Trader is clearly rogue...
  2. M

    Raised patio and steps

    Hi I am planning on making a raised patio with steps up to the back living room (external door due to be fitted) in my garden. I have a few question I hope you can help with: 1) How could I create these 3/4 steps down to the patio from the back living room without breaching the damp proof...
  3. bettz1

    Attaching trellis to existing fence

    Hi we've taken down our shed that was in the corner of our garden and we wanted to add a bit of trellis to the existing fence as there's a car park at the back of us. Any ideas on how we can do this?
  4. T

    Simple Outdoor Garden Light Installation

    Hi there, I'm planning on installing an outdoor garden light (lamp post type with three 60w bulbs). It will simply be wired with a 3 amp plug, as don't wish to wire it permanently into the lighting circuit. I already have the socket available right at the consumer unit which is handy. I'm just...
  5. stratford_noob

    Concrete deck base or subframe?

    Hi, I had taken down my green house and want to put there a deck instead. However the greenhouse had concrete base and because is nicely level, I wanted to leverage that in the deck building. As the deck will be bigger (the pink lines on attached images, I had originally planed to use some some...
  6. C

    New wooden sleepers delivered, all different sizes.

    HI, I'm currently in the process of building sleeper walls in my garden with new treated sleepers. I started this a while back with 2400x200x100 sleepers and now just ordered 5 more of the same size to complete the project. The 5 that arrived all have different widths and depths. I.e one will...
  7. J

    How to fit Lawn Edging?

    I got the plastic lawn edging below. How do I fit this with no stakes? Its was for the edge of the lawn beside my paving slabs edgers. Tthe grass was growing out over them. Someone did suggest I could use galvanised nails . Thanks...
  8. bettz1

    How to stop back gate hitting brick wall

    We've a new gate going on soon and I wanted to stop it from hitting the garage wall. I think the previous owners changed the posts to put in a lock. I'm going to put new brenton bolts on and a latch, I think I'm going to need to remove one of the posts to be able to use the latch. Question is...
  9. E

    Granny Annexe

    We are looking to put a granny annexe next to our home. Except our garden is 15 feet below the main home as it’s on a hill. So it would be against the retaining wall. Main main question is waste as the mainpipe would be well above headheight at the main house. Is this possible?
  10. Amober

    Preparing garden for turf

    We need help knowing what to do next We've cleared paving slabs, tons of gravel and monstrosities from this garden. We're wanting to lay turf but there is so many stones, clay beneath that and sand mixed in where the previous owner had used I assume to break up clay. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. J

    Best Paving Slab Cleaner?

    Can anyone recommend a good paving slab cleaner for removing algae etc? I don't have a Pressure Washer. The ones that seem to be good on the internet are: Wet and Forget Spear & Jackson Spray and Leave Patio Magic Patio Cleaner Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  12. S

    Running macerater soil pipe above ground?

    I have a static airstream caravan in my garden. Up to now its been my office, I am converting it to spare bedroom with bathroom shower and loo. I plan to use a saniflo for the waste. My problem is the saniflo waste will start 20ft from the house then run down the side of the house to the...
  13. A

    Installing a handrail onto pavers

    I’ve picked up this handrail for my elderly mum who needs it to get to her back door. The pic is from the manufacturer. If you were installing this, would you lift the slabs, make a concrete base under each of the 2 pavers, and put them back before drilling the holes, or are the paving slabs...
  14. I

    base for Timber decking frame

    I'm preparing the groundwork for a timber decking frame but I don't have much height as I'm keeping it level with my newly installed patio. The ground has already been dug off and filled with MOT so is compact. I have started to channel out small trenches so I can concrete in 3x2 treated timber...
  15. commando3

    Garden Room insulation.

    Im currently building a garden room but I have a question about the insulation between the wall studwork. Im using 4 x 2 cls24 timber. If I use 100mm pir boards for insulation how do I go about the electrical wiring channels for the cables and sockets? Can i cut into pir boards? Or, should I...
  16. Amober

    Massive hole in the garden

    We have removed two 1000l underground water tanks from under the rotten decking in our garden. We are now stuck on how to fill them. My partner wants to break up a pile of bricks we have in the garden and use with sand that was under a brick patio we removed, however this appears to be just...
  17. G

    Rock Garden on a Steep Slope

    Hello, we have an existing overgrown rock garden at the front of our property. It's a small steep sloped garden with some large rocks in and weeds coming through everywhere between the rocks and evergreen bushes. Our thoughts were to: - uproot the weeds and anything else we didn't want - cut...
  18. J

    Fixing Hardwood Timber to Flat top Railing

    I'd just like to pick your brains: I've got a flattop railing (attached photo) along a North Facing wall of my house. It provides absolutely no privacy and I can't really see a point to it beyond fall protection. This ordinarily wouldn't be an issue but we have a bay window facing out on to...
  19. Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    concrete lip retaining gravel.png
  20. B

    DIY Shed - things to consider...

    Hi all, so I'm going to be building myself a shed, 24x9ft. Framed floor & roof, framed walls, plywood or OSB sheets on outside and in, some kind of membrane on outside and then maybe feather board clubbing, pent roof. I'm trying to get an idea of tools I would need to make it easier for me. I...