gas supply

  1. G

    Gas supply

    Hi, my mate has bought a flat which has a gas boiler and hob. There's also a meter. He's contacted British Gas who said there is no record of it having a gas supply. They suggested having the meter removed and cadent coming to see if it's got gas. Mentioned something about getting it capped too...
  2. G

    Leak in oil-tank

    Hi, our steel oil tank..just 8-years old has developed a leak. A single hole has appeared underneath and I have blocked it (temporarily) with a Gorilla Glue filler. So far this has worked. However, we have not found anyone to perform a long-term repair on our tank and this seems to lead us to...
  3. G

    How can I tell if gas is run to a house ?

    Hi, its got storage heaters, no gas appliances. phoned gas board they dont know there are 2 meter type boxes outside the house. Im in the process of buying it. Is it likely to have gas because of the 2 boxes ? or could that be electric for it and the attached neighbour ?
  4. Tim burr

    No gas coming out of hob burners

    Looking for some help - hopefully someone has some good advice for this problem. I’ve just bought a ‘working’ 2nd hand cooker..... it is a good quality smeg dual fuel model. I attached the electrics and oven worked fine. I attached the gas and nothing came out of the hob. It has a bayonet...
  5. B

    Low gas pressure at boiler

    Hi, our gas boiler was moved when we had an extension built and the gas supply pipe is now at least 20m from the meter with many bends. It's time to replace the boiler but my plumber says the gas pressure at the boiler is way too low (I think he said 13?) and advises sorting this out before...