1. michaelsidcup

    External wall insulation different wall types

    Hello, I hope that despite this project being in Portugal and not the UK it is still allowed on this forum! I own a two storey house in northern Portugal, in need of renovation, this summer I plan on installing external wall insulation. Typical houses here (like mine) have granite stone walls...
  2. P

    Quartz Worktops - Grosvenor Granite and others

    Hi everyone We're in the midst of an extension / kitchen remodel and need to make a decision on worktop. We're having a 3500 run of cupboards and a 2400x1200 island. Just two cutouts for sink (inset so no drainage grooves or anything like that) and hob. We've chosen the quartz we want...
  3. P

    Cracked granite under stove

    Hello, Over the past few months I have noticed some cracks in the granite hearth underneath the stove. They have gotten progressively worse to the point where the hearth almost seems to have broken in two. Obviously this doesn't look very good and also I'm concerned that the hearth could...
  4. E

    Refinishing and polishing quartz / granite kitchen worktop

    I recently bought a small off-cut of quartz worktop (40cm x 30cm odd) to use as a little shelf in a project I'm doing. It was the exact size I needed but was dull/unfinished and scratched on the face and sides. Local kitchen worktop fitters were all asking £100+ to refinish it, which seemed...
  5. C

    Cracked Granite Fireplace

    In Oct 18, I paid a fair whack to what I thought was a reputable company, to have a gas stove fitted. They knocked a big hole in the fireplace to sit the stove in, a wood beam was put up on wall with granite base for fire, and granite hearth and heat resistant slate effect back and sides. Last...
  6. K

    Attaching structural L angled steel trusses to granite

    I can make the holes in the steel and the granite fr attaching the bolts no probs. I've heard about epoxy systems etc for gluing bolts that hold structural steel onto stone. Anyone got an outline of the various methods for attaching steel to stone using bolts.
  7. K

    Need to core 2" hole in granite to depth of about 6"

    Anyone recommend the best value for money that will last the longest? Need to drill up to 6 of these holes.
  8. K

    What to do about v large granite rocks found in workings

    Digging a basement. There is a door at street level into the space. Finding v large granite rocks as I dig down which have been used as a ground filler for the original workings. I've been drilling lines across each large granite rock and using steel shim and wedge set to split these into...
  9. K

    Best SDS drill bits for drilling a lot of granite for the money?

    I'm cutting lots of granite with wedge and feather shims. For this I'm drilling lots of holes in the granite with SDS masonry drill bits. I'm getting through a lot of drill bits. Which are the best durable SDS granite drill bits that will stay sharp for the money?
  10. K

    Cut granite block in two

    Need to cut granite block in two. It's sticking out of a wall and half needs to come off. Cross section is 30 cm x 15cm. Most cost effective option?
  11. M

    Granite / Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters, Measuring / Template and Installation.

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters in the area. Due to personal health issues, the majority of my kitchen refurb budget was spent on my health costs treatment. I still have some funds left, though, not enough for the...
  12. D

    Wired CCTV in through Granite house

    Evening all I am looking to install a wired CCTV kit but an struggling to route the cables due to the build of our house. The external walls are granite and almost 2' thick so drilling a 30mm + hose would be a pita. I though of routing the wires through the loft out a vent but having been up...
  13. S

    Pointing with lime

    I live in a 150+ year old granite house which had suffered from poor cement pointing from a previous owner. As water had been penetrating the gable end I set out to have this re-pointed using lime as everything I had researched heavily supported the use of lime on a granite building. I am also...
  14. C

    Sealant for granite worktops

    Hi, Just had a granite worktop put in the kitchen. Noticed that some oil left on the surface actually soaked in and left a mark (fortunately this bit was getting replaced anyway). But seems like I need some kind of stone sealer to prevent this happening in future. I've had a look online and...
  15. S

    Sharpening my plane and my chisels - Top Tip for a sanding block.

    Hi everyone, I recently watched a great vid. on YT on how to set up a Stanley #4. It was very long - nearly 2 hours! but afterwards I felt I really understood a lot of about the process. The guy used a piece of granite as the bed for dressing all the sundry parts and I set about seeing if I...