grant vortex

  1. C

    Drain System - Grant Vortex 15-21

    Hello, I have a bungalow heated by a Grant Vortex 15-21 external oil burner. I'm working on a loft conversion and need to branch into the existing boiler supply and return pipes in order to feed some new pipework into the loft for radiators to be installed at a later date. I've looked around but...
  2. P

    Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26 - Gurgling Air noise on Direct Hot Water side

    Hi All, I posted on this subject back in 2018 and never really got to the bottom of it! But I have an issue where air seems to be trapped in the heat store/exchanger on the hot water side of things. It fizzes and gurgles, knocks and bangs in various degrees of loudness and frequency. At the...
  3. B

    Grant Vortex Combi Oil Boiler

    Hello. Our current external Grant Vortex Combi Oil Boiler has a problem with the initial hot water supply throughout the day. In summary: - It takes about 5 minutes of running the hot tap until we get hot water. - This is the same whether the heating is on or not and regardless of time of...
  4. P

    Grant Vortex - oil boiler... smells like gas!

    Hi there - we have a Grant Vortex wall hung oil boiler. It's been giving us some problems locking out all the time, and we've had a plumber visit and carry out various things, which have got it working for a bit... and then it lock out again. So far, they've changed the photocell, the control...
  5. andyr123

    Nozzles on Kerosene oil boilers

    Hello - we have a Grant Euroflame 70-90 outdoor kerosene condensing boiler which has a Reillo RDB 2.2 Burner. whilst I was cleaning it out of soot inside the other day I got a magnifying glass and had a look what was stamped on the Danfoss nozzle jet and it said 60's - now the specs for a...
  6. ep90

    Grant Vortex 36kw - Needs rebooting daily

    We've got a 10 year old Grant Vortex (outdoor, 36kw oil fired) has developed a odd problem. If you turn it off and on, it works fine (mostly, the hot water temperature is a bit inconsistent) but if you leave it for a long time it stops working. No CH or DHW. There are no warning lights on...