1. J

    Switching from gravity to system boiler/heating system? - mains inlet width & more

    Our regular boiler (25 years) seems to have started coming to the end of its life (suddenly having problems, last servicer emphatic that getting spare parts is now/would be a serious pain) etc. so we're looking to replace it. Two tanks in the roof, a vented cylinder upstairs, 17 radiators, and...
  2. O

    Thermal Syphon

    Finally going to connect the thermal store to the woodburner. Height differences are a bit marginal- about a metre vertical on the hot across 2 metres horizontal. I'll be using a pumped loading valve so under normal circs this won't be a problem but under abnormal circs which works best- a...
  3. S

    Alternative to gravity fed shower

    Hi. We currently have a mains fed water tank in the loft, a vaillant thermocompact system boiler in the downstairs utility room, and a copper immersion tank on the upstairs airing cupboard. The boiler heats the hot water and stores in the copper boiler until required. The boiler also heats the...
  4. J

    Can't switch Hive to gravity fed

    Hello, I had the bright idea to install a Hive system for my aging mother whilst cooking the turkey. Turkey is done, but not Hive. I have installed the hub and receiver. I haven't yet installed the thermostat. It is a gravity fed system. The problem is, I can't switch the receiver/controller to...
  5. S

    boiler move with gravity hot water and back boiler

    Hi all...I need a bit of advice on a central heating job..the job is for a relitive who gave me a call wondering if I could move an oil boiler from the utility room of his house to the corner of the garden he wanted to buy a new condensing oil boiler that can be fitted externally for this..I...
  6. M

    Programmer - gravity or pumped?

    Hi Just replacing my 2 channel programmer as the old one has failed. New one is a Danfoss Randall FP715SI (previous Sunvic select 207 XL). On the back of the new one (and old) are 4 binary switches, one to select gravity or pumped system. We have a Potterton statesman oil-fired boiler, the...
  7. Awesome221

    What mixer shower for low hot pressure

    So when i run the tap the cold is powerful but the hot isn't. The tank for hot is in airing cupboard, what mixer shower preferably about £100 should i be looking at as i guess it will equal around 0.1 Bar pressure. Can anyone give me any suggestions. One thing i'm confused on Mira showers say...
  8. C

    Baxi Boiler Controller

    Dear all, I currently have a Baxi back boiler connected to a Wickes controller. The controller is a bit faulty and so I am after a new controller. (Even though I do need a new boiler!!) Can anyone advise which is the best sort of controller to use? The house has radiators with stats...