greenstar 30cdi

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    30 CDi EA error code

    Boiler was working fine but I needed to top up the water as it was in the red. Filled to 1, then this morning came down to EA error code so I pressed reset…several times to no avail. Reverts back to error code. previously when this has happened and i top up to above 1, it drips water for a bit...
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    Advice/confirmation for Nest install for Greenstar 30DCi classic boiler with Integral Diverter Value

    Hi all, I have read several posts and searched the internet and believe I have now got the correct procedure to install a Nest for my Greenstar 30DCi classic boiler with an Integral Diverter Value with a DT20 timer. If I could just get a second opinion, before I proceed it would be really...
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    Has anyone successfully installed Nest hotwater function to 30cdi classic boiler?

    Hi all A new member here! I have bought a 3rd generation nest that I want to integrate with my Worcester greenstar 30dci classic boiler. The central heating control is straight forward enough but I can't find much advice on the hot water function wiring on my particular configuration. The...
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    Boiler overheating

    I have had plumber in re do my bathroom to put in mains shower rather than electric while away. I got back and pressure was zero which was because hr had drained system. He was called away last minute so was part way through job. He came to finish off yesterday and it turns out he hadnt drained...
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    Greenstar 30CDi boiler - overheating

    Hi hope someone may be able to help. I have Greenstar 30CDi. When I turn on the boiler it gets to 88 degrees within 2 minutes and the burner on indicator light turns off and the temperature increases to 101 degrees and then slowly drops to 72 degrees when the burner indicator light turns on...