1. D

    2-way & Off Grid Switch - with Neon Indicator?

    In a hallway where the lighting will usually be controlled by an IR occupancy sensor, I would like a 3-position switch. The switch will allow the lights to be controlled by the sensor, permanently on, or permanently off. As far as I can see the only solution is a "2-way & off" grid switch. Is...
  2. R

    Riser for square clay gulley

    Hi, Need to raise an existing rain water drain so that I can tee into it. Thought it would be easy but the existing clay gulley has a square hole/neck and the t-pieces are 110mm round. I had assumed I could buy a ribbed seal (or similar) but can't seem to find one. Am I googling the wrong...
  3. A

    Grid switch fusing

    I removed the grid switch 4 way with individual fuses below for drywalling and kitchen installation. It was replaced yesterday. On turning on the dishwasher switch (nothing connected at the socket) the fuse blew with a bang and flash and tripped the mcb. (Twice). I removed the faceplate and...
  4. AdamEG

    Advice needed on decent grid modules for kitchen white goods

    Hi all Have a very tired old switch plate/grid module that needed replacing. It has 3 switches going off to the fridge, dryer and washing machine. Took the old one off and went to fit a new one (links at bottom) but as the modules "front load" the slightest pressure from good ol rigid as hell...
  5. G

    how to tell if drain is cracked

    Hi, a builder was looking at my house the other day and looked at the grid next to the house , and said he thought it had dropped. It looks quite low in comparison to the concrete around it, which also has holes in. If i push on each side it wobbles, however if i lift the grid i can see water. I...
  6. Bearman

    Kitchen - Cooker FCU + Grid Switch for Appliances

    I have been an active follower of advice on this site for some time and thought I'd take the jump and sign up. As a newbie, apologies if this question is duplicative, posted in the wrong place or if I've made any other faux pas. I'm currently learning the trade, but not anywhere near qualified...
  7. eveares

    Are 25mm grid modules a standard size - Will TLC's grid modules fit Screwfix's faceplates?

    Will this module into this face plate? In other words, are grid modules all a standard size. Regards: Elliott.
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