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    Riser for square clay gulley

    Hi, Need to raise an existing rain water drain so that I can tee into it. Thought it would be easy but the existing clay gulley has a square hole/neck and the t-pieces are 110mm round. I had assumed I could buy a ribbed seal (or similar) but can't seem to find one. Am I googling the wrong...
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    Clay Gulley Repair

    Hello, hoping somebody may be able to point me in the direction of what materials I need to repair the broken clay gulley outside my house. I have recently dug out a large bush that had been planted before I moved in which had become overgrown. The roots have made their way around the clay...
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    Connecting ACO drain to existing system

    Hi, I'm a new member but have been reading a lot of the great advice on here. I'm struggling to find information to help me move forward with my project...... I'm totally redesigning our back garden and have taken down a concrete garage, lifted a large block paving driveway and removed large...
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    Gulley Pot Repair

    We have recently moved into our home 1880s built terrace. I have noticed our rear rainwater drain gulley has a few cracks in! After a good clean and scrub it seems to only be the clay top cracked and the inlet spout is in tact with no cracks. Ideally I dont want to have to dig up garden to...
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    Can a toilet discharge into a gully trap?

    I want to move our bathroom loo onto the other exterior wall and had intended to run the waste into the soil stack which serves the spare loo, but as it’s cast iron I’d have to replace it with plastic etc. In between this stack and where the new waste will exit the wall is a clay gully trap...
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    Lead code (10m gulley)

    What code and size rolls would this gulley need (approx. 350mm wide at base). I'd like to try and price the lead myself. It's been priced to replace, with a new raised section/step in the middle. They reckon it'll be done in a day. Access to the roof is easy, without need for scaffolding or...