gutters drainage

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    Shared downpipe problem

    We have a 1950s semi detached house that was built originally with 1 downpipe at the front of the property (my side at the end) and 1 downpipe at the back of the property (in the middle, my side), the front drains into the main sewer, the back drains into my garden (no soak away just literally...
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    Help solving guttering routing

    Hello could anyone help me on some guttering design. I have attached an image: (1) Do you agree that its best to run this gutter away from the valley? (a) If i run away from the valley should I drop onto the sloped roof below or take the downpipe all the way to the gulley pot? (b) or should...
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    Which gutter layout?

    I have drawn two Possible layouts for new gutters. the house has a tipped roof. I have drawn arrows showing the slopes/ direction of water flow. The little circles are downspouts. The house is 40' long and 35' wide. The main differences are whether to put corner pieces on the two back corners...