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26 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello could anyone help me on some guttering design. I have attached an image:

(1) Do you agree that its best to run this gutter away from the valley?

(a) If i run away from the valley should I drop onto the sloped roof below or take the downpipe all the way to the gulley pot?

(b) or should I run towards the valley then I dont need any downpipes?

(2) With gutter 2 could an option be for me to run to the right then at 42 degrees down the slope on the facia to connect with (3). I ideally dont want to create any more soak aways


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Those slopey soffits are crap as they become a nonsense dirt trap - flatten them off and have soffit boxes. Take 1 across to the front and drop it there so you can collect 3 on a downpipe branch also, otherwise 3 gutter may get overwhelmed in heavy rain. You should be able to position 1 running outlet far enough across so that the swan neck is past the gable elevation.

You'll do well to find an offset fitting that matches the slope of the roof for 2. I'd re-think that if I were you.

Use round guttering as it is more flexible (swan necks) than the rubbish square nonsense.
Many thanks for your thoughts:

a) Those slopey soffits are crap as they become a nonsense dirt trap - flatten them off and have soffit boxes

Would you mind what part you are referring to here? Could you send a google image?

b) Find an offset fitting that matches the slope of the roof for 2.

Would you be able to send me a link so I know what to try and google :)

...and have a look at metal guttering - there is plenty around now, and not much more expensive than plastic. I've just fitted some galvanised from (which actually has a smooth grey finish and doesn't look like trad galvanised) and to me it is a far nicer product than plastic.

I hate plastic guttering - IMHO it degrades far too quickly and just moves about too much - particularly in the dark colours. With typical coefficient of thermal expansion for uPVC of 0.07mm/m/degC a typical 6m run across the front of a house will expand/contract 0.07 x 40 x 6 in a typical summer winter range of -10 to +30 which is ~17mm!
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Also, exactly as @noseall says, I would take 1 on to the front gable of the house and go straight down to the soakaway, picking up a branch for 3 on the way down. 2 is awkward. I think I would return 3 round the corner and then run 2 down in to that. The short return will help keep the water in the gutter because the downpipe from 2 will discharge lengthways into the short return and not across the gutter. IMHO concentrating flow either through downpipes discharging into a gutter or through a concentrated flow where a downpipe discharges on to a roof, are likely to cause spillover.

It's never going to look that pretty - 2 really needs another gully

Also, that's a big roof for 2 downpipes - check your flow rates against roof area and gutter size.

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