1. D

    Downpipe not going to soakaway

    Hello all. I recently had a roofer come out to look at my leaking guttering. When he came he showed me the downpipe was full of water and some moss etc. He kindly cleared it out for me but had told me that the downpipe just discharges to just under the blocks on my block paving. He showed me...
  2. A

    Rotting wood by guttering facia

    Hi All, I'm a first-time poster here and just about to buy my first house. One of the properties I am looking at seems pretty ideal for us but does have some issues with some broken floorboards (which I know I can fix relatively quickly) and some other minor issues; one problem I have come...
  3. Susan82

    Guttering Shape - Help!

    Hi all I want to replace a piece of guttering as it’s leaking and I think it was cut too short but I can’t find any replacements that are the same shape as mine. Can anyone help?
  4. B

    CF neighbour using my drains (edited)

    Hi all, hoping for some help. So my neighbour has just built a porch that extends out from his house and today they have put the guttering up and they want to run the pipe down the house over the wall and into our shared drain. No we share the rain water from the main roofs into our gully at...
  5. O

    neighbours moved gutter downpipe without permission

    Hi all, My dad lives in a semi-detached house with the shared down pipe being on his neighbours property. The neighbours did a loft extension and remodelling of their house and during this time they have drilled into my dads property and moved the down pipe to his side without asking...
  6. MjFoster

    Neighbors guttering lets out on my roof

    Hey, not sure if this was the correct place to ask this, but I've noticed that our neighbors guttering let's out over our roof just above the down pipe for our guttering. Is that legal? I only ask as with heavy rain recently we've had water coming in through the window and frame just where our...
  7. Kirkyface

    Am I in the wrong here?

    Hi, Thanks for reading. I live in an end terrace of four houses. The only downpipe for the whole terrace is down the front of our house, and it discharges into the street just in front of our house. It was built in 1870ish. we had our knackered guttering replaced about a year ago. Next door’s...
  8. Sarahsophiejon

    Extension guttering in neighbours downpipe

    Hi We have had a single storey extension built and the guttering from that connects to our neighbours downpipe which then goes in a underground system. We live in terrace house and have never had a downpipe on our side, our original guttering connects to our other neighbours downpipe. Is it OK...
  9. M

    Roof valley & guttering

    Our roof valley is quite steep and water overshoots the guttering, builder says it’s ok, I’m worried about damp issues, what can be done to remedy?! Will post pics in daylight
  10. B

    Help solving guttering routing

    Hello could anyone help me on some guttering design. I have attached an image: (1) Do you agree that its best to run this gutter away from the valley? (a) If i run away from the valley should I drop onto the sloped roof below or take the downpipe all the way to the gulley pot? (b) or should...
  11. E

    Neighbours Guttering flowing into ours following a loft conversion

    Hi There, Our neighbours adjoined wall on a semi-detached property, just had their loft conversion done. They ‘didn’t want’ a downpipe on their side as it would ‘ruin the look’ of their half... Now the whole of their new flat roof along the house flows into our gutter and our down pipe and...
  12. J

    Sagging finlock gutters and leaks?

    Good evening, I have recently moved into a 1960s bungalow with a dormer. We started to get leaks in the living room after a couple of weeks of moving in. You can clearly see the history of botch jobs to hide the leaks and damage to the ceiling boards. The finlock guttering sags outside the...
  13. M

    Non standard gutter angles for bay roof

    Hi Guys I'm looking for some advice on how best to add guttering to my bay window. I've put up with it just dripping on to my window sills and then onto the concrete below for years, but a combination of heavy rain, me working under it and a concern of wet walls, has made me rethink. I was...
  14. G

    leaky bay window roof

    hi, With the current downpours my bay window roof is leaking. I noticed the dead end of the gutter looked dropped so I propped it up, but its still leaking. Theres maybe 1 and 1/2 inch gap under the gutter,looks like just plywood under there, I wonder if thats the problem, or something else ...
  15. N


    Hi, my neighbour is having an extension done. We have a semi detached property with shared guttering. The down pipe from the guttering used to go straight down in to my neighbours garden in to the gutter drain which was in their garden. They are now extending the house where the gutter drain is...
  16. J

    Downpipe to nowhere - soakaway?

    We recently moved into an old terraced house (c. 1895) with a small front yard. We've just pruned back a large rosebush to find that the guttering downpipe has rusted away and separated from the section that goes underground. I had actually noticed a bit of rainwater getting in to the crawlspace...
  17. R

    Rainwater discharging onto pitched ground floor roof - skipping guttering

    I am not in the building trade, so please excuse my lack of knowledge/terminology. One of the rainwater downpipes from our roof is discharging onto the pitched roof of our ground floor extension. Our neighbour recently told us that this rainwater is actually coming so fast that it misses the...
  18. E

    Roof Guttering Leading into Drain Gullie with No outlet?

    Hi all, We've recently had a porch built which was mainly a DIY sort of project. All is well, guttering is up but ive stumbled upon a bizzare situation with our current gullie for the main roof. Not sure if this is correct. Essentially the main roof guttering is feeding into a gullie on the...
  19. G

    Downspout into ground.

    I currently having an issue with rats in my loft space. I believe they are coming though my soil pipe and climbing that until they are on the roof guttering. I can stop that partially by blocking the soil pipe with a rat stop product. However, I also have a downspout that goes from the roof into...
  20. R

    Remove guttering inside conservatory?

    The previous owners had a conservatory fitted & did not change the guttering. I'm now left with a 70mm pipe that runs through the conservatory. My plan is to terminate it above the conservatory roof & install new flashing. Reading Building Regs Part H states I'm okay to make this change but...