Roof Guttering Leading into Drain Gullie with No outlet?

18 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We've recently had a porch built which was mainly a DIY sort of project. All is well, guttering is up but ive stumbled upon a bizzare situation with our current gullie for the main roof. Not sure if this is correct.

Essentially the main roof guttering is feeding into a gullie on the side which i would like to also attach the porch guttering to. On closer inspection (and a clean out of the gullie) it seems it has no outlet? Ive dug around the ground to the side and there is a massive pipe coming from the gullie, but from the inside, i see no way water can run into it.. Am i missing something?

Also, while i am here, does anyone have a recommendation as to the best way i can connect the guttering from the porch to the drain without creating an eyesore and having running it along the wall to the other outlet?

Gullie with no outlet but looks "connected" with pipe?
60873084_1390578897750926_1223718057591963648_n.jpg 61111247_2246384202293181_4173663151679602688_n.jpg

New Porch drain currently going nowhere
60887869_1317176235097439_1631216561702305792_n.jpg 60969229_1081666895362448_1518602721064648704_n.jpg

Attached revelant pictures.
Many thanks!
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Have you had problems with drainage of surface water from the roof gutters?

Does the gully lead to a soakaway on your property?

It may be that the porch gutter could connect to a/the soakaway if the "fall" allows it and it has capacity.

But not clear from pictures and description, you would need a builder to check it over.

I emptied the gully completely and there are no outlets i can see.. Can the water perhaps seep through into the pipe? Someone must have put it there for a reason.. the pipe that is.
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I can't see that image only a green square with img ?
I have seen them before but have never been able to see anything!
Your gully will have a ‘wall’ forming the trap where this red line is:


There will be an outlet half the size of a letterbox below the water level.
Sorry about the late reply, you're both right.. It was like that but a very small opening at the bottom.. im talking 1cm.. Anyway, thanks all!
You might have some settled solids in there. They can seem like the bottom of the gully but a flat screwdriver will wiggle into them and lever them out.

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