1. S

    Air Brick

    Hi, I have an air brick blocked with another brick. The brick blocking the air brick is supporting the brick above. See photo. Not sure how to tackle this. Any ideas
  2. B

    Blocked off Chimneys on Party Wall (Leave, Vent, or... ?)

    So, we have 3 chimney breasts that are blocked off and are on the party wall - they are all papered over and I presume plasterboard/wood or similar has been used to block the gap. These are not vented at the bottom, which I thought had to happen. (Please note that I'd prefer not to have a vent...
  3. Alwipe

    Tacosetter flow meter - is this blocked?

    Hi My heating system is cutting out due to poor water flow. Just noticed the flow meter inspection window looks blocked. Wouldnt have thought is was some sort of filter? . Please see pic of Tacosetter. Any advice welcome.
  4. L

    Slow drain basin – no block

    Slow drain basin – no block I have a bathroom basin with a really slow drain. I have taken apart the bottle trap cleaned and tested all works fine. I have used a hosepipe To blast water down the waste pipe without bottle trap connected and water can be heard training in the soil stack with no...
  5. B

    Blocking Vent into Cavity Wall (w/Blocked Air Brick) - Advice Needed!

    Hi all, Just had our upstairs box room re-plastered - old vent taken off, so now an ugly hole into a void... it's a 1940s property - cavity wall - (filled with hay/straw?) and there is an air brick in there. The air brick appears to be blocked from the outside - can't see through it! - perhaps...
  6. E

    Roof Guttering Leading into Drain Gullie with No outlet?

    Hi all, We've recently had a porch built which was mainly a DIY sort of project. All is well, guttering is up but ive stumbled upon a bizzare situation with our current gullie for the main roof. Not sure if this is correct. Essentially the main roof guttering is feeding into a gullie on the...
  7. B

    Toilet partially blocked?

    Can anyone help with a solution to a partially blocked toilet? This has never happened before and has only just started. Basically the toilet flushes fine, and maybe the fresh water after a flush takes a little longer to settle at the correct height. But after a few hours left alone, brown...
  8. R

    Partially blocked garden drain

    I have a drain underneath my patio that rises to the surface at two points. There are two square drain vents covering the 100mm pipe. One of the pipes has a 90 degree elbow at the bottom and connects to the other on its way to the sewer. The pipe with the elbow is about a third full of water...
  9. C

    Toilet Blocked / Draining Very Slowly

    Hi, Our downstairs toilet in a modern extension (built approx. 10 years ago) is blocked / draining very slowly. I know of no drainage plans and believe it's classed as private pipework unfortunately. So far I have tried: - Wire coat hanger pushed round the bend - Buckets of hot water with...
  10. M

    Blocked sewer causing leak from wall 1 m above sewer!!!!!

    Ok, here is a head scratcher. I have a 3 storey house, pre 1937. To the rear is a lawn on the left and a patio on the right. The rear lane is 3m lower than the lawn so a pathway with steps down to lane level passes between the patio and the lawn. According to deeds the drain runs under this...
  11. J

    Unblocking a Heat Exchanger on Worcester 532i combi?

    (I'm no expert but will do a lot of research and attempt most things if it will save me money and is legal to do myself) I moved into this house 1 year ago, but I think the boiler (Worcester 532i) is about 8-9 years old. At the weekend I moved a radiator (Someone had mounted it very high on...
  12. C

    Mineral wool blocking tank/pipes

    Hi all and i hope someone can verify what im thinking is wrong. Ok just before xmas i go to have a hot bath and theres no pressure at the running on economy 7 central heating with hot water cylinder.header in the attic. If i blow down the sink hot tap water comes out of the hot tap in...
  13. Z

    Basin refuses to drain

    Our bathroom basin sink just refused yesterday morning to drain away. After pulling apart all the units I managed to get to the trap, cleaned all the gunk, I then pulled apart all the pipes elbows etc and cleaned huge amounts of goo. All that was left was a short run (1 metre) to the waste...