5 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all and i hope someone can verify what im thinking is wrong.

Ok just before xmas i go to have a hot bath and theres no pressure at the running on economy 7 central heating with hot water cylinder.header in the attic.

If i blow down the sink hot tap water comes out of the hot tap in the bath....

Ive just gone into the attic and one of the black bage filled with itchy ass insulation, has fallen into the header barrel and emptied its guts inside, i mean the entire lot is in there.the only thing i could pull out is the bag.

Is the problem a blocked pipe which im really consdering is the cause of no hot water.however the cylinder is full of water and does get hot..

If my problem is a blocked pipe, how is my best way of getting the crap out the hot water system, shall i syphon the header then clean out the itchy ass stuff out of it and then drain my hot water cylinder and hope for the best,or am i looking at replacing the pipework,header and cylinder and also will my house insurance cover the cost of the job.

Why would the plumber not put a lid onto the header,especially knowing whats above it,and risk what could happen i need to call the plumber who did the boiler work as i still have his contact details.

Or am i barking up the wrong tree and the problem is something else.the way i thought it all worked was a expansion vessel in the attic fills with hot air, then that air forces the hot water down the pipes.however i was gutted that this isnt the i was prepaired for that to have a hole in it therefore not expanding...

Ive turned the stop tap in the cylinder cupboard off that supplies the cylinder with water from up there,but no hot water is coming out the taps,is this the usual case when turning of this stop tap,or is this where the blockage is going to be,if so how is my best way to go about this.can i force air into the cylinder to clear the blockage or am i looking at taking the cylinder out and draining it.

lastly i have 2 bathrooms in my house 1 up one the upstairs i have a electric power shower when i turn this on,it now screams is this because its full of insulation,as its direct fed from the header cylinder,and will it clear or is it knackered.Am i best off going through my insurance.


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Got my answer here.all i need to know is do i need to drain the hot water cylinder as well as the header .im about to wedge the ball cock in the attic and then drain all the water from the system then clear all the insulation,but fill the header backwards to clear the will i have to wait for the hot water cylinder to fill backwards before it will start filling the header,as im hoping any wool will be pushied back up to the header.then flush it again.before letting it fill the correct way.will i have to do anything with my central heating the radiators do get hot.its just the hot water takes about an hour and half to fill the bath as it is now.

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Roll your sleeves up, and have a feel around the outlet at the bottom of the tank, removing any debris you find.

Connecting a hose between a cold and hot tap, and running some mains pressure cold back into the hot system may help dislodge anything already drawn into the tank outlet.

Pinch a colander from the kitchen, and drop it over the tank outlet to help prevent a repeat episode whilst you drain the tank.

Syphon the tank using a garden hose.

Fit a proper cover to the tank to support the insulation jacket.
Pieces of MDF, chipboard, hardboard etc. will always turn into something resembling soggy wheetabix, and collapse into the tank eventually.

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Your house insurance could be handy if you can't get the plumber back
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The valve for the shower should diassemble, allowing access to the gubbins/ blockage.

Back-filling is a bon idee: that's what I had to kick-start my CH; it worked a treat.
cheers for all the help happily i only had to clean out the header tank ive now got fantastic hot water pressure.guess i caught it in time before it went down any pipes,luckily the plumber used his head a little and put the pipework a good 10 inches high so most of the itchy ass wool sank below them phewwww

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