1. L

    Possible subsidence or lintel failure?

    We moved into this 1939 house 3 years ago, it’s in an area with trees and hedges at the back of the property the garden is also on a slope and there are drains on the gable end, at the affected side. When we purchased it had been rented out for approx 15 years and nothing alarming came back on...
  2. T

    Upgrading to multi-point lock

    I'm looking to upgrade my front door's lock to a kitemarked multi-point lock (the kind that insurance companies like to see). The UPVC door currently just has a single latch although it looks like there are cut-outs towards the top and bottom in both the door and the frame where I presume there...
  3. J

    Subsidence & Structural Engineer Call Out

    Good Evening, I want to get in a structural engineer to have a look at a few cracks in and outside our house. Everyone I know doesn't think I need to be worried about any of them as they're not mirrored inside/out etc. However, for peace of mind, I wouldn't mind getting a professional opinion...
  4. M

    Stolen scooter, now recovered, now have storage fees to pay ;(

    My scooter was stolen some 7 months ago, last week it was found in different town. I now find that I have been presented with the storage fees to pay and or disposal fee. I have already made a claim, and had a pay out from the insurance company, so don't know where this leaves me, I'm...
  5. M

    Liability insurance

    Hi, I’m about to start work on my roof on my house and I’m worried a tile may break loose and accidentally damage next doors flat roof. Is there any kind of insurance I can take out in case I do? cheers Mike
  6. robodelfy

    DIY plumbing and insurance?

    I've been renovating my bathroom, and essentially changed a couple of bits of copper pipe with JG speedfit so I could run a T off for the toilet to be moved half a metre. I haven't changed the system in any way. I've also had advice about it all from my plumber. Then I started thinking, what...
  7. J

    Advise on home insurance while house under renovation and vacant

    Does anyone have experience and advise on a good and cheap home insurance to use while house under renovation and vacant. tried few quotes online on gocompare etc.etc. but when selecting home under some work the website go mad and does not allow for any quote. I understand they are some...
  8. H

    Gutter leak above orangery

    Hi, We have a leak coming from the gutter above our orangery. From up close it appears that the gutter has a 1 inch gap and our side has also dropped about 1 inch. The gutter then leaks onto the orangery roof which is a pain as I also work in here ... The leak part can be reached from our...
  9. J

    Old Metal double glazing locks and insurance issues

    Hi We have old double glazing with metal frames, on the handle the there is a small screw turned by an allen key that locks the window. Does this comply with insurance companies requirements to have key locked windows? IF not can anyone make a recommendation as to what I could add. I also...
  10. P

    Confused /angered by insurance renewal

    My sister has just renewed her home insurance. I've spent ages over the years installing, greasing and upgrading her burglar alarm. Wires, batteries, strobes, more PIRs and more reed switches. And more wires. Her having a burglar alarm made absolutely no difference to the lowest three quotes...
  11. F

    Public liability Insurance

    Hi all. I work on various sites as a scaffolder, my public liability insurance is up for renewal soon and the renewal quote I got has jumped in price loads, there's loyalty for you ! I'm looking for a new company but there seems to be loads out there. Can anyone recommend a good one they have...
  12. S

    Guttering dispute with next door neighbour

    I replaced my old cast iron guttering in February 2015 on my semi detached house. The guy next told me we had damaged his guttering while replacing ours, so I rang an independent builder to come up and give his opinion. He stated that the guys guttering was the original guttering from when the...
  13. C

    Mineral wool blocking tank/pipes

    Hi all and i hope someone can verify what im thinking is wrong. Ok just before xmas i go to have a hot bath and theres no pressure at the running on economy 7 central heating with hot water cylinder.header in the attic. If i blow down the sink hot tap water comes out of the hot tap in...
  14. D

    Roof leak: potential second insurance claim for the same problem?

    In the storms a few winters back I had some damage to my roof and water was coming in. Insurance company was slammed with claims and gave me the go ahead to get it sorted myself if I could get it done faster and re-imburse the cost. All good or so I thought. The obvious issue, damaged tiles...