Subsidence & Structural Engineer Call Out

1 Feb 2023
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United Kingdom
Good Evening,

I want to get in a structural engineer to have a look at a few cracks in and outside our house. Everyone I know doesn't think I need to be worried about any of them as they're not mirrored inside/out etc. However, for peace of mind, I wouldn't mind getting a professional opinion from a structural engineer.

To be clear, I don't have to inform my insurance company of this do I? I'm just conscious that if I raised suspicions about subsidence that turned out not to be subsidence, then I might be charged a premium for even mentioning it in the first place!

Any help would be much appreciated.
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A few SE's and experienced builders are on the site. Chuck up some pics and save yourself the money
Thanks Jacko, I think once I'd seen the first crack, they just seem to pop up everywhere.

The first three images are cracks that I've found inside (I apologise there's not more to show context/the quality is not great - though I can take more). My main concern was the slight crack below the downstairs window sill in the first image as I've read cracks starting from her aren't great! Though there are no matching external cracks.

Picture 1: Small crack i've noticed coming from edge of window sill (though seems more bulged)
Picture 2: Two hairline cracks on an internal wall within the house
Picture 3: Crack in the corner of a room

The final three images are external:

Picture 4: A vertical crack from the bottom of UPVC doors on our extension to the ground
Picture 5 & 6: Cracks in the mortar found above the downstairs window.

All these cracks occur in different parts of the home.

I realise I'm probably being anxious and need to calm down a little, but any help would honestly be hugely appreciated. It's getting me so stressed!


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my thoughts but no expert
go to bed and next summer have another look and if it bothers you use flexible filler and redecorate
building breathe materials settle down
and yes you must tell your insurance about relevant changes otherwise its fraud through misrepresentation
but in this instance nothing to report (y)
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do a search for subsidence cracks and another for settlement cracks
then you will see none off yours even register as actual cracks :giggle:

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