structural engineer

  1. G

    SE padstones instructions

    Hi All, Doing my first wall knock through since building a workshop and work has stopped due to padstone. Our SE has written: Min 500 x 100mm Padstone bridge across cut cavity in 7n block at 450mm vertical cr And 400 x 100mm on the other side. The pier itself is only 270mm which the builder...
  2. C

    Structural calculations

    I have just received planning permission for an integrated garage conversion into a study and shower room. I’m adding an internal door to the hall way, bricking up and popping a window in where the existing garage door is and adding a small window at the side. I am completely ignorant. I have...
  3. D

    Steel Beam wider than Cavity Wall - Extension

    Hi Currently have a builder doing an extension on my home and it requires a 305 steel being installed on posts. My aim/instruction was to 'hide' the beam but putting it higher in the property and the floor joists will then run into it. We have a 305mm steel beam but the cavity wall is 1980s...
  4. J

    Subsidence & Structural Engineer Call Out

    Good Evening, I want to get in a structural engineer to have a look at a few cracks in and outside our house. Everyone I know doesn't think I need to be worried about any of them as they're not mirrored inside/out etc. However, for peace of mind, I wouldn't mind getting a professional opinion...
  5. SomethingSomething

    Possible structural issues for property purchase - poor building survey

    Hi All, Looking for some advice please on this probate property to be purchased. It's going for £225k in West Midlands as a 1950s three-bedroom end of terrace with a ground floor extension, with a flat roof, split into two rooms (sitting room and utility room). The property generally needs...
  6. M

    Chimney breast removal and joists exposured

    Hi all. I'm new here, please go easy on me. I need you all the chippys, architect and builders advice on board and ASAP. I've removed my chimney breast walls from top to bottom. I'm now left in the bedrooms with exposed Joists, which are 7x3 timber and 5 metres long. I was hoping, is it...
  7. M

    Responsibility for builder building to SE spec?

    Is it building control's responsibility to check that the builder builds to the structural engineer’s design and specification?
  8. N

    Deflection in beam and fixing

  9. A

    Possible subsidence to extension. How concerned should I be? Please help!

    Hello, I am in the midst of purchasing my first home. The property is a 3 bed semi detached. The property garage at the back was converted into a room and an extension/garage was built to the front (single storey) Directly under the left side of the window (on the outside) at the back, you...
  10. robertthebuilder

    I think the plumber has broke my wall...

    Hi all, First time poster here. As a bot of back ground, im getting a new kitchen fitted. The plumber, sub-contracted out by the builder, came around to do some work today. When I got back, I witnessed the following. He has essentially chased the wall (External gable end wall) through to...
  11. T

    Steel beam sizing

    We're looking to remove a load bearing wall, which is supporting one wall of a gabel, the floor above, ceiling above and roof above. I've sent our structural engineers calcs to my dad and we're both a bit concerned. The above image shows the wall (and chimney to be removed). The wall is...
  12. G

    Flitch beam / joist

    Hello, have to repair an undersized and badly notched joist 38x175mm sitting in an intermediate floor connected to the ceiling below. The joist is sagging but also has a slope resulting in a lower level support in the middle of the flat (double span joists). A metal plate 8x150mm would be...
  13. Rob broom

    Steel Upright (UB) Splice joints

    Hi there. Structural Engineer question. Would an engineer possibly do me a really nice favour and suggest some details for a splice joint? My engineer has done most of my calculations for me, but I need to add a splice joint to an upright steel RSJ. Unfortunately, the engineer is ill at the...
  14. E

    How to fit coal post steel on block and beam floor

    No longer required thank you for replies
  15. G

    Masonry void fill - structural

    Hi, I have to fill in the void of a removed chimney breast because half of a padstone supporting a UC 203x203x71 is situated there. How would you fill in the void (16cm thick) ? Blocks, bricks? A lintel may be required to build from, but unsure where to situate it.
  16. M

    Building Regulations in Scotland

    I drew up my own drawings for planning permission and got them approved. I'm about 70% of the way through drawing up the building regulations drawings but will like a structural engineer to review and approve before the drawings before i submit. It's a relatively straight forward 2 storey side...
  17. H

    Cracking in brickwork where extension meets building, SUBSIDENCE??

    Hi, I am a new member here, in the process of buying a 3 bed 2 storey 1970's house and have noticed cracking in the masonry where the rear (single storey) extension meets the building. The cracks are stepped and go through both the bricks and the mortar. The extension itself is around 15 years...
  18. G

    Building regulations for wall return on porch

    Hi, I'm currently mid-build on a 1.6m deep x 2.8m wide porch. I've been told by the builders that I can't put the door where I want to (very close to one edge) because building regs require a >600mm return. Something to do with making sure the wall doesn't get blown over. We live near London so...
  19. C

    Strength of garage roof

    Hi I'm building a den for my children in the garage roof. Before I go any further I want to hire someone to take a look and tell me whether the garage structure will take the weight. Can anyone advise me please on who I should be getting in touch with? An architect? Structural engineer...
  20. J

    Weight concerns : Adding a bath to a room with underfloor heating and floor tiles

    The previous owners of the house I am buying removed the bath from the bathroom, and made a wet room with underfloor heating and large floor tiles. When we move in, I'd like to add a freestanding bath. I'm able to do the plumbing etc. My concern is weight. The floor tiles and underfloor...