8 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all. I work on various sites as a scaffolder, my public liability insurance is up for renewal soon and the renewal quote I got has jumped in price loads, there's loyalty for you ! I'm looking for a new company but there seems to be loads out there. Can anyone recommend a good one they have experience with? Thanks
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I sometimes work with scaffolding and sometimes as a roofer. I found it difficult getting insured for both as it seemed to scare off the insurers! In the end I found these - - who were really helpful and good to deal with, managed to get it sorted easy with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!
Don't forget to declare all that is relevant to your job.

I must spend an hour on the phone with my brokers, going over the same old shoite, every year at renewal time.
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Yeah this is true ! I just spoke to that tradesman insurance 4u, they seem pretty good. Reckon I'll go with them. Thanks all !