Public Liability Insurance

31 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
Public Liability Insurance,
does anyone know a good and cheap insurer,
i have been going through corgi's insurance for the last few years but if anyone has had a good deal this year can you let me know please
regar :) ds tony
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hey guys, throw some firms and pricess on here so we can see what deals are out there. times are harder now .
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well worth giving SIMPLY BUSINESS a try. Can't remember the exact cost but it cost a lot less than last year for better cover.
Plumber/gas fitter
Trade direct £317.48 through Zurich (same deal through Corgi over £100 more) £5,000,000 cover
I used Trade Direct.

2 million liability for gas, electric and commercial properties.£297

im insured with swinton and they couldnt be beaten when i renewed in may my liability is approx £200 for £1000000 liability give them a go or try a comparison website but trouble is if you try a comparison website they ask fophone number and you get pestered for weeks (been there done that)
plumbing+heating.was with simply business.quote went up £60 for this year .also noticed heat damage excess is now 2500. not that im planning to burn anything.might go direct line , not as cheap but good price ,excess 500 and to add employers liability is restriction on what building it is (domestic/comercial, how many storeys etc)
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