1. S

    Keeping leaves out of downpipes

    There are loads of trees in the area and so the gutters get loads of leaves in them. In the past leaves (mostly broken down bits) have got into the downpipes and blocked them in the bends at the top, leading to the gutters overflowing. In the two most affected places I fitted gutter balloons...
  2. Jon marsh

    Poly pipe guttering

    hi I’m trying to fit 75mm polypipe guttering into it respective gutter ends, 90^ corner etc. Before I fit into the wall brackets. Is there a special knack to this as I can’t seem to get it to either slide in from the end or push down. Even removing the black seals doesn’t help.
  3. G

    Neighbours rainwater running into public path & house

    Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I am in the process of buying a house however I have noticed a potential issue with the neighbours rainwater runoff. The house I am buying has a narrow public pathway along the back of it. The neighbour has built an extension, the rainwater from the extension...
  4. J

    Guttering DIY first timer

    Hi there. New here so please go easy :) I live in a 70's semi-detached and am replacing my existing upvc guttering. I measured mine and my neighbours existing dia before ordering which was 100mm dia half round. When I got the new guttering delivered to my house I double checked the dia to find...
  5. A

    Repairing gutter clips from above

    I've found that our flat roof garage has two broken clips on the gutter causing water to leak down the side wall. Easy fix. However, our lovely considerate neighbours built their extension less than a foot away. Meaning that I'm unable to fix face on (as you normally would). So forced to fix...
  6. M

    Which type of guttering. Square Guttering Vs Deep Flow Guttering.

    Hi Guys, I just wanted your opinion on the type of guttering I should have on my old extension in the garden. My problem is as followed: Sadly the current guttering has not been fitted on properly and seems too small not holding the water in and falls out onto the garden. Also taking the...
  7. S

    Quick question about a rainwater pipe

    Hi, I'm pretty useless at this but I have a cast iron rain water pipe as per the pic which has the bend part at the bottom. I wanted to connect this to a upvc pipe (as per the brown pic) and I wasn't sure what sort of connector I would need. Both pipes are 68mm and I can only seem to find...
  8. M

    Guttering, facias and downpipe replacement.

    Hi All, I'm just looking for advice on pricing up replacement of our guttering, facias and downpipes. We've had one quote advising that we need 40 metres (seamless aluminium guttering) downpipes and pvc facias and we are looking at a price of £4600. it is a 3 bed detached 8x6mts with 2 bay...
  9. R

    Best gutter brands, and choosing a worker

    Time to replace the PVC gutters, must be at least 25 yrs old, probably older. I was thinking of aluminium, but they're quoting 10 yr guarantee same as PVC. I'm 64 now, so not bothered about it lasting an entire lifetime! Also have been told that seamless aluminium can block more easily due to...
  10. H

    Rainwater drainage

    My house is mid-terrace. There are gutter downpipes every two houses, so 1 downpipe is shared by two houses. My rear garden slopes towards the house and slightly to the left where the downpipe joins the gully. So it looks like the slope is on purpose or in any case useful at directing rain water...
  11. swishy6

    Lead lined guttering

    Hi, Guttering question. My house is about 150 years old and the guttering is a trough built into the top of the wall. Stone tiles on the roof and the gutter doesn't protrude over the edge. I don't know what you call this system but it's lead lined and I don't think it's sound. The lead doesn't...
  12. S

    Guttering dispute with next door neighbour

    I replaced my old cast iron guttering in February 2015 on my semi detached house. The guy next told me we had damaged his guttering while replacing ours, so I rang an independent builder to come up and give his opinion. He stated that the guys guttering was the original guttering from when the...
  13. Chuckles586

    Penetrating Damp from Guttering/Pipework

    I'm getting some penetrating damp on an interior wall. In pretty much exactly the same spot on the outside wall is this. The top brown pipe comes down from the guttering around the roof and the others carry waste water from the bathroom - not sewage, just the stuff from the sink and bath. Is...
  14. E

    Which are the best guttering sealants?

    Hello folks I have got a bit of a problem at the end of the guttering where it joins the (rented) house next door. It was OK until next door had its old guttering 'improved', replacing it with new plastic guttering. Unfortunately, the roofers they had in didn't seal that new guttering to join...