Valley Guttering problem

19 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi I have just had an extension put onto my house and there are three valley gutters. There is no batons at each side of the guttering and you can fit your whole arm underneath the tiles. The tile batons are sticking out onto the gutter and the tiles are not cut straight. There is no stopper in for water going through under the roof tiles. there is also no overhang on the bottom of the valley gutter so means water may go into the facia??? He said this is finnished ? Can someone please help and let me know should u be able to fit your arm under the tiles? is this done properly?
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If i'm reading this right then there should be tiles cut in parallel with the valley. These end tiles should be filled underneath with mortar. So rain water doesn't go into your loft.

Any chance you can take a pic or two ? and post them in this thread.

Has this been done properly? He said it is finnished? My frined seems to think that after time water will go into the roof and it will rot?
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Excellent photos. The valley looks ok the tiles look like they been cut ok. But there is no mortar underneath them. The mortar would form the valley sides if you see what i mean. This must be done before you can say the job is finished.
they haven't cut the battens back either, hope you haven't paid him yet.
The battens should be cut to the inside of the "water bar".

The valley is made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). As you can see on the photos, just underneath the edge of the tiles (where the battens end), you can see where the GRP valley looks a different colour, and rough-looking - this is a sanded strip which is where the mortar grips onto the valley, and beds the tiles on.

It is most definitely NOT finished, all the cuts need removing, battens cutting back, and tiles bedding on using a strong 3:1 mortar mix (on the sanded strip, as the mortar won't grip straight to the plastic.

If the valley doesn't guide the rain water into the gutter then he needs to put a lead saddle at the bottom of the valley, (under the valley and into the gutter). Which should be fixed with clout nails or screws (obviously under the tiles, before they are bedded on).

And as you mentioned, them cuts are fairly bad lol.

If it's left like that then your friend is right - the battens will soak up water and rot, and if you get high winds then there's the risk of water going up and over the water bars into the roof space. Also, the cut tiles, or even full tiles can be blown off, even when clipped.

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