GRP open valley, too high for guttering

11 Aug 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all, openening myself up to much ridicule here I’m sure.
I have slated my roof and used a grp open valley, it’s now come to installing the guttering but having an issue (which I should have planned for).

When putting it in I cut the fascia to allow for the valley to go in, however I now see that to use this valley (which protrudes to go in the gutter) the gutter would be dropped way too far than the rest of the house will allow.
I did try to cut the corner gutter but would need to cut so much off there is no way that it would work.

not really sure how to get the gutter in now. I assume this happens a lot, but probably don’t put the valley in like I have! I did hear about pulling the bottom few tiles out, cutting the valley and adding a lead patch which can then be formed at a lesser angle to come out at top of fascia (would have to replace the cut fascia but thats ok).
The valley isn’t on boards, it’s on the valley rafter and two battens either side.

Any ideas would be appreciated,
Thanks guys and girls.

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Roy orbison crying comes to mind
Every days a school day. Credit where credits due I've seen worse attempts just a unfortunate outcome.
Personally I opt for the saddle but everyone is different.
Hi all, opening myself up to much ridicule here I’m sure.

Not at all - remember you can make i.e lay up your own fibreglass to modify the existing valley. Must be a U tube video on glassing somewhere;)
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Thanks for your replies, appreciate it. I did originally look into fibreglassing in situ but got complicated and expensive.
Today I took several tiles off, cut the valley and put a lead saddle underneath it. Because of the slope of the roof it only goes 150ish under which isn’t right for this roof, but it’s me that will have to deal with it. Used some lead sealant where it meets to try to help. The slope obviously is dramatically reduced when it meets the lead but gave it a pour on test which seems to work. The only thing I am a little worried about is that wind is quite strong here and may push it up the ‘old neighbours’ side and cause a leak.

many who, just updating as I hate a post with no real outcome!!
Plan on leaving as is and seeing what it’s like when there is strong rain and wind (I think it will be okay tbh)

thanks all, much appreciated.
Looks ok from what I can see, if you have put some leadseal on the lap then I'm sure it will be ok. You say one side of the valley is a neighbours that's unusual.

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