1. bettz1

    Any idea how to hang mirrors without screws

    Sister has moved into a rented flat and she's wondering hows best to hang a few mirrors. The bathrooms the main one it's tiled though Any ideas? Without damaging the walls?
  2. B

    Screws / rawl plugs required to hang a coat rack - brick wall?

    I have a coat rack , ie a chunky-ish strip of wood about 24 inches long, 2 inches high and around 0.5 inches thick. It has four hooks on it. There are two metal vertical strips behind it a few inches from each end, each with a hole shaped like a circle with a smaller bit on the top ( kind of...
  3. W

    Question on strengthening & screwing through plasterboard

    Hi all. Hope this is in the right place. Ive got an interior wall I want to hang a screen on. The combined weight of screen plus arm mount is about 17KG or so. The wall itself appears to be 2 pieces of 12mm plasterboard backed to each other, without a stud nearby (it possibly has those metal...
  4. bettz1

    Best way to hang mirrors in garage IKEA krabb

    Hi after getting some help on here regarding hanging a Dyson thought I'd give it another shot and see if anyone could help. I've 5 IKEA krabb mirrors only 2(must have been the newer ones) have brackets on the back so I've hung them no problem.The other 3 however don't have brackets. I've tried...
  5. J

    Hanging a very heavy mirror in a chimney stack.

    Hi, quite newb here and need some advice. I have a 15kg mirror (it's oak, it's big!) I want to hang in the bedroom. It already has D-rings on it so I just need to put in something to hang it from. I'm 90% certain it's too heavy for regular 'tap in a nail' picture hooks. My house is a 1920's...