heater element

  1. andyr123

    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    Hi - got a Beko Condenser Tumble dryer not heating. Took back off which covers the heater , load of dust and fluff around the heating elements - removed all that. there are 2 cut out safety devices at top of heater bottom cut out device is re-settable , pushed the reset pin in and got a...
  2. J

    Miele WT2670 water heater element not working

    I have a Miele WT2670 washer-dryer. It has not been heating the water for a few weeks. I removed the front and found that the resistance across the water heater element terminals is very high (a few MOhm), so it looks like I need to replace the element. One strange observation is that when the...